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Despite regulations, customers have Laundry industry is one of the industries which is established and yet in a developing state. Laundry businesses often have to adapt to the varying market to address the customer needs in a better manner.
The emerging trends within the market like laundry as a convenience, technology, spoke models, foundation of the hub, and increasing demand for environment-friendly products when implemented successfully, can drive exponential growth in the market in the coming years.
Over the years, many features like schedule pickups and drop-offs, ease of payment, and tracking the laundry status have become a vital part of laundry business applications. Laundry businesses that implements all these features have come out successful.

Major Factors affecting Laundry Services

There are several factors that adds up to the total cost and time involved in the last mile delivery. Few of the major ones have been discussed below:

The major factor that affects the laundry service is the requirement of a huge numbers of delivery persons due to poor delivery management. To overcome this challenge, the companies have to hire a huge number of personnel which increases the overall expenditure.

Another major factor which laundry businesses face is of logistical errors. It’s obvious since the laundry business involves process like pick-ups and deliveries, the most common type of error occurring is nothing but logistical.

Laundry businesses also face problems which are pretty hard to predict and which adversely affects day-to-day management. These problems are inability of delivery person to find customers location, and unavailability of customers at the time of pick-up or delivery.

Inaccurate order allocation can prove to be costly for both the Laundry store as well as the clients. For pharmacies, the inaccurate order allocation results in higher delivery costs along with late deliveries. And for clients it might cause frustration due to prolonged waiting and in the worst-case scenario it may result in the loss of life.

Transparency is another major factor faced by many laundry businesses. Customers nowadays wants to monitor the entire process of their laundry delivery.

The absence of the Laundry Delivery Software causes a great deal issues for the pharmacy. The co-ordination among the various teams suffers a lot due to the absence of an online system which ultimately results in late or missed deliveries.

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Managing operations made easy

Manage all your last-mile delivery operations smoothly with TrackQlik’s Laundry Delivery Software. Make accurate and quick dispatch with software optimization and route planning.

Live shipment tracking with notifications

With TrackQlik’s Laundry Delivery Software for Pharmacy, you could manage and track all your logistics movement from a single dashboard.
This dashboard would give all the details about your drivers, deliveries, vehicles, orders, customers, routes, and many more.
Making the process more transparent, TrackQlik’s Ecommerce Delivery Software also provides live alerts and notifications to the customers about the delivery status of their package.

Scheduled Dispatching

Schedule and auto dispatch orders straight to your drivers with TrackQlik’s next-gen and automated Laundry Delivery Software for Pharmacy.

Advanced delivery route planning

TrackQlik’s on demand delivery app offers advanced delivery route planning. The routes are auto planned and optimized which significantly reduces the time and fuel cost along with fulfilling orders in a timely manner.
It allows you to deliver bulk orders with a less number of drivers and time.

Capacity optimization

TrackQlik’s Laundry Delivery Software optimizes the weight and volume capacity of each vehicle. This optimization ensures that the vehicle’s capacity is properly utilized.
This cut down on under-utilization of capacity also means a cut down in the number of drivers used to deliver the same deliveries, thus saving time, resources, and cost.

Make your Ecommerce driver’s task easy

Make your driver’s job easy with TrackQlik’s driver application that has several rich features in addition to the interactive and intuitive user interface.

Delivery route planning visualization

Drivers can deliver their Laundry Delivery in simple and easy way by using route optimization feature which results in the reduction of average delivery time.

Easy Customer Communication

With TrackQlik’s driver application, the driver can communicate with customer in case of any query regarding the parcel or location.

Proof of delivery

TrackQlik’s driver application simplifies the completion requirements for drivers with in-app barcode, QR, and signatures

Delivery record

TrackQlik’s driver application helps the driver to view the summary of all the completed orders by using filters like month, wee, and day.

Bring a smile to your customer

Bring a smile on your customer’s face with a last mile delivery powered by TrackQlik. Satisfy their needs with a robust integrated communication, strong feedback process, and real-time updates.

Real-time notifications

Keep your customers informed by sending them real-time notifications. These notifications update the customer about their delivery status and ETA.

Feedback system

Feedback is crucial and hence we provide the customers with a feedback form in which they can write their review/suggestions along with rating the services.

Assess your delivery service

Send SMS to your customer with a link for the real-time tracking of their order. The link will redirect the customers to the responsive web tracking.

Track order in real-time

The customers receive an SMS which consists of a link for the real-time tracking of their order. The link redirects the customers to the responsive web tracking.

Automate and streamline your Laundry Delivery with TrackQlik.

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What a Laundry Delivery business business can gain with TrackQlik?

With a TrackQlik’s Laundry Delivery dispatch software in place, your Laundry Delivery Software company can accomplish a loads of things like:

Cut extra resource costs

TrackQlik reduces the average delivery time which increases the number of deliveries. Moreover, it requires less delivery persons.

Reduce turnaround time

TrackQlik’s Laundry Delivery Software for Pharmacy can reduce the turnaround time for your business and increase the number of deliveries.

Enhanced customer experience

Provide extra-ordinary delivery service with feature-rich Laundry Delivery Software for Pharmacy powered by TrackQlik to enhance your customer’s experience.

Increase First Attempt Delivery Rate

See a huge growth in the first attempt delivery rate by up to a whopping 90% with the help of TrackQlik’s Laundry Delivery Software for Pharmacy.

Transparency in Supply Chain

With TrackQlik’s Laundry Delivery Software for Pharmacy, you can track your drivers in real-time which increases transparency to the customer.

Increased Efficiency

TrackQlik introduces automation in your operations by automating delivery tasks which eventually increasing the business efficiency.

See how you can optimize your Laundry Delivery business with TrackQlik.
See how you can optimize your Laundry Delivery business with TrackQlik.
See how you can optimize your Laundry Delivery business with TrackQlik.

See how you can optimize your Laundry Delivery business with TrackQlik.

Watch this video if you are still using the old fashioned way of managing your field service operations and mobile workforce productivity.

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