Our StartUp Story

A real life problem solved.

A Parcel Lost


Nauman was waiting for a very important parcel from a client. Parcel was scheduled for Wednesday however all the day passed but he did not receive the parcel. There was no way to track the rider OR to chat with him. Even the courier company was not using any field service software to track their riders. Nauman realized that this is a geniune problem of Field service industry globally that they lack tools to automate and track their field service operations.

Co-Founders From Bilytica Meet at a coffee


Bilytica co-founders meet to find out  the possible solution. Every startup journey starts from the point when co-founders from different backgrounds meet to find the solution of a business challenge. Usman, Nauman, Moin & Awais meet to find the solution. They founded TrackQlik. TrackQlik becomes a unique platform which provides field service automation and mobile workforce tracking to its clients globally.

Tech Leadership


The next challenge was to design a solid and scalable technology architecture to support thousands of concurrent field service agents using TrackQlik. Here Tanveer joins TrackQlik as a tech leader. Tanveer is tech guru with 18+ years of software development experience with world’s leading brands. He joins the force and empower Trackqlik with SAAS architecture to make it fully scalable cloud platform for clients to automate their field service business.

User Experience Enhanced


TrackQlik was made an easy to use single page system where user can manage his complete field business just from a single screen.

Rafay is lead UI/UX designer having 10+ years of experience enhancing the user experience of many global SAAS products. He makes user experience smooth. He is real spirit behind user experience of TrackQlik.

Mobility Assured


At Trackqlik we make sure that the field service staff gets an outstanding user experience on the mobile app.

Ali is known as leading Mobile apps developer with 10+ years of apps experience. He joins TrackQlik teams as team lead mobile apps. He added his global experience of end user experience of mobile apps into TrackQlik apps.

Coder’s Life


Muhammad Hassan  is senior software engineer with more than 9 years of experience in designing and development enterprise resource planning software. He becomes the part of TrackQlik. Hassan leads the software development team of TrackQlik.

Customer Winner


At Trackqlik we ensure a family experience to our clients. They love sharig with us their ideas and how they want to boost their revenue. Our client relationship team is the pillar of our success.

Tariq Mateen is renowned sales guru. He joins TrackQlik to add his client winning skills to help TrackQlik acheive its revenue targets and global expansion.

A Marketer


Shahzad is google search engine marketer. He joins TrackQlik to position it in Google searches for variety of Keywords. 90% of our clients reach us through Google.

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