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Create your Own Digital Forms in Minutes For Paperless Surveys & Inspections.

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    Create your Own Digital Forms in Minutes For Paperless Surveys & Inspections

    Empower your workers to be your eyes in the field with our Dynamic Forms. Need more data from field? Develop your own field forms on the go and make it part of your field service jobs or Surveys. Get the right data on the fly. Build web forms to get field jobs auto registered in TrackQlik directly from your web or apps.

    A Form Builder With Extreme Flexibility

    Fully customizable form builder can be used to build digital forms tailored to fit your specific data collection needs without any technical experience required. Build inspection, audits, checklists, timesheets or any other custom form

    Intuitive Mobile Apps To Make Data Entry A Breeze

    Forms setup in the form builder are published and dispatched to users in the field. Forms are completed using the TrackQlik Mobile Apps.

    20+ Data Types for Collection

    Our unique data types include Face Authentication, Geocoded QR Codes, Price Tables ( Invoices ), Questions, Normal Tables, Multiple Selection Dropdowns, Image from Camera only , Image from Camera OR Gallery, Text, Number, Date, URL , Email, Documents, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons etc

    Form Geofencing

    Apply geofencing on forms to ensure that data is filled or collected in allowed regions or allowed radius only. This ensure that workforce as actually reached the required location for surveys , audits or inspections.

    Data Version Control

    Change history of data is automatically managed by TrackQlik apps. History or version of each field is available in Web and is very useful in internal or external audit.

    Form Export & Sharing with Customers & Decision Makers

    Each form filled in the field is saved as a job card also called “Form” in TrackQlik web and can be shared with relevant stake holders via PDF export or via Web Urls which are automatically sent as shortlinks via SMS/Email or Webhooks

    Image Capture Restrictions to Camera Use Only

    Restrict Image capturing only to Camera use only to ensure that your workforce capture the image from camera only in real environment and there is no image uploads from gallery.

    Offline Data Capture

    TrackQlik forms work offline as well. Collect form data in remote locations even without an Internet connection. There is no data loss. All data is stored in local storage of devices and is auto sync with TrackQlik cloud once internet is available.

    Form Data Sharing with Clients ( Form Copies )

    Create as many copies of a job card as you wish to share collection of data with different stake holders . A single data collection can be converted into multiple job cards. All data types including invoices can be shared with the client.

    Form to Invoice/Quote Conversion

    Forms are converted into invoices after job or task completion. TrackQlik data type “Price Table” is converted into invoice format. Create as many internal or External invoices from a single field task.

    Automated Report / Data Delivery

    Map your FastField forms directly to your PDF and Word Report templates

    Image Capture With Annotations / Drawings

    Photo Capture with Date/Time and GPS Location Stamping and Drawings

    Geo Tagging / Timestamps

    Tag data elements with latitude/longitude coordinates and timestamps to identify where and when data was collected

    Dispatch And Dynamic Workflow / Integrations

    Automate form dispatch and delivery of reports/data based on your specific business rules and workflow

    Identity Verification for Surveyors – You are the Key – Cloud based Biometric Service

    GPS-backed Mobile biometrics for field attendance powered with Face, Voice & Video Authentication; Geo-Coded QR Codes & Geo-fencing like features ensure employee time entry is more secure, accurate, and detailed than ever before.

    Facial Identity Verification

    Field workforce identify verification in the field with face authentication & recognition

    Geofenced QR Codes

    Geofenced QR Codes as attendance mode

    Attendance GeoFencing

    Geofencing attendance allow you to ensure attendance is marked in allowed premises.

    Shifts & Roster Management

    Single, Multi-Date or Flexi shifts management with lateness, Earlyout, breaktimings, scope & over time calculations.

    Surveyors Digital Wallet for their Field earnings – Develop a Culture of Winning Teams –

    Rewards your field staff by paying them for each mile they travel and for each minute they spend in performing their duty.

    Agent Digital Wallet

    Agent digital wallet manages complete earning of field workforce for their assigned jobs. Pay field workforce per kilometer, per minute, per task etc.

    Performance based Earning

    Pay your staff based upon their performance. Pay different rates for different client ratings as well as agent’s own rating profile. Help them to make a healthily competition to earn more

    Targets based Earning

    A True gamification. Let your agent meet their revenue targets and earn more revenue from their assigned jobs.

    Agent Revenue Targets & Forecasting

    Built in forecasting helps you to measure target achievements of your field workforce and to make a reward program for them based upon their targets.

    Idle Travelling VS Transit Travelling

    Pay your field workforce for their idle kilometers ( when they travelled without any task ) and Transit Kilometers ( when they travelled with some real tasks ). We help you to identify their productive travelling

    Idle Field Hours vs Transit Field Hours

    Pay your field workforce for their idle hours ( The time when they had no tasks ) and Transit Hours ( The time when they had some real tasks ). We help you to identify their productive time spending

    Client Rating based Earning Methods

    Pay your field staff different earnings after client feedback and rating. Setup different earning rates for their per task, per kilometer and per minute for different client rating ( 5,4,3,2,1 or no rating ).

    Agent LifeTime Rating Profiles

    Pay your field staff different earnings based upon agent different rating profiles. Agent rating profiles upgrades or downgrades after each client review.

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