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    Empower your clients. Clients can track their orders or service & assigned agent requests via Weblink , live chat with agent, OTP to close task, feedback & review after task completion. All via SMS

    Real Time SMS/Email Notifications

    Keep your customers informed by sending them real-time notifications. These notifications update the customer about their requested services or products. Fully customizable alerts allow you to use your own content for SMS and Email notifications.

    Customer Rating & Reviews

    Allow customers to rate their experience with your products or services and gain service feedback via Web URLs sent via SMS and Emails. Customer sentiments help brands to design or modify their offers & strategies.

    Customer One Time Pin ( OTP )

    Your customer receive OTP for their requested jobs and they share with your workforce after job completion to allow your workforce to mark their job successful. OTP assures that customer is satisfied and willing to share OTP with your workforce.

    Order App for Customer

    Your customer can request services hassle-free through mobile and web apps. Allow your customers to track their service in real-time and make online payments through multiple payment gateways.

    Field Workforce Tracking by Customer

    Your customer track your field workforce once your field workforce start the job or delivery for your customer. This allows your customer to ensure they receive your staff on time.

    Real Time Order tracking by Customer

    Keep your customers updated throughout the job completion lifecycle by sending them real-time SMS alerts at various stages. Field workforce tracking on google maps and allow customers to chat with their assigned agents.

    Covid-19 Contactless Signatures by Customers

    During Covid-19 our contactless signature provide you tool to get job completion acknowledgement from your customer.

    Live ETA Tracking by Customer

    Live ETA is available all the time for each individual order and can be shared with end customer as well as third party systems.

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