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Fast Moving Consumer Goods are intended for direct end users. These products are progressed in high volume and have complex distribution needs. This makes logistics supply chain crucial for fast moving consumer goods industries.

Delivery of these products is highly on demand. Delivering these goods to customers on time is very crucial. Managing and maintaining complexities of daily or scheduled deliveries with less drivers is a challenge for several FMCG companies.

What are the barriers of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Delivery?

There are several factors that adds up to the total cost and time involved in the last mile delivery. Few of the major ones have been discussed below:

Unable to track drivers

Without a robust system in place the FMCG companies are unable to track drivers and get live updates of the delivery boys.

Inadequate integrated technology platforms

Inadequacy of integrated technology platforms across planning, forecasting, delivering is also a barrier which various FMCG companies are facing.

Integration with their CORE IT Systems

Lack of FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software results into lack of integration between their ERP systems and delivery departments resulting into field revenue loss.

High driver overturn

A lack of a FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software can lead to assignment of different Field workers to the same location, which is a huge waste of resources and time.

Lack of interaction

There’s no way to keep in touch with the customer without a FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software. This lack of interaction increases missed deliveries.

Loss of customer loyalty

Providing poor customer service will often result in loss of your customers’ loyalty which ultimately results in reduction in the number of customers.

Managing operations made easy

Manage all your FMCG Delivery operations smoothly with TrackQlik’s . Make accurate and quick dispatch with software optimization and route planning.

Optimising operations

TrackQlik's FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software optimizes business operation and task result which improves your overall business performance.

Scheduled Service Requests

Schedule and auto dispatch orders straight to your drivers with TrackQlik's next-gen and automated Field FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software.

Track performance

Track your driver’s performance monitoring key performance metrics via analytics provided by TrackQlik's Field FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software.

Real-time feedback

Receive crucial customer feedback in real-time with TrackQlik's FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software. This feedback helps you to identify your strong and weak areas.

Make your FMCG Delivery Workforce’s task easy

Make your driver’s job easy with TrackQlik's Field Agent application that has several rich features in addition to the interactive and intuitive user interface.

Service route planning visualization

Agent can complete their service requests in simple and easy way by using route optimization feature which results in the reduction of average delivery time.

Easy Customer Communication

With TrackQlik's agent application, the driver can communicate with customer in case of any query regarding the service request or location.

Proof of Service

TrackQlik's Agent application simplifies the completion requirements for agents with in-app barcode, QR, and signatures

Service record

TrackQlik's Agent application helps the agent to view the summary of all the completed service requests by using filters like month, wee, and day.

Bring a smile to your customer

Bring a smile on your customer’s face with a last mile service request powered by TrackQlik. Satisfy their needs with a robust integrated communication, strong feedback process, and real-time updates.

Real-time notifications

Keep your customers informed by sending them real-time notifications. These notifications update the customer about their delivery status and ETA.

Feedback system

Feedback is crucial and hence we provide the customers with a feedback form in which they can write their review/suggestions along with rating the services.

Assess your Field service

Send SMS to your customer with a link for the real-time tracking of their order. The link will redirect the customers to the responsive web tracking.

Track Service requests in real-time

The customers receive an SMS which consists of a link for the real-time tracking of their order. The link redirects the customers to the responsive web tracking.

Automate and streamline your FMCG Delivery & Tracking with TrackQlik.

Avail a 14-day free trial of TrackQlik's Field FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software and witness a surge in your Field Service business efficiency and profits.

What a Field Services business can gain with TrackQlik?

With a TrackQlik's Parcel delivery dispatch software in place, your service company can accomplish a loads of things like:

Cut extra resource costs

TrackQlik reduces the average delivery time which increases the number of deliveries. Moreover, it requires less delivery persons.

Reduce turnaround time

TrackQlik's FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software can reduce the turnaround time for your business and increase the number of deliveries.

Enhanced customer experience

Provide extra-ordinary delivery service with feature-rich FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software powered by TrackQlik to enhance your customer’s experience.

Increase First Attempt Delivery Rate

See a huge growth in the first attempt delivery rate by up to a whopping 90% with the help of TrackQlik’s FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software.

Transparency in Supply Chain

With TrackQlik’s FMCG Delivery & Tracking Software, you can track your drivers in real-time which increases transparency to the customer.

Increased Efficiency

TrackQlik introduces automation in your operations by automating delivery tasks which eventually increasing the business efficiency.

See how you can optimize your Field Service business with TrackQlik. See how you can optimize your Field Service business with TrackQlik.
See how you can optimize your Field Service business with TrackQlik.

See how you can optimize your Field Service business with TrackQlik.

Watch this video if you are still using the old fashioned way of managing your field service operations and mobile workforce productivity.

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