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    TrackQlik#1 Inspection services in Pakistan can give a quick and financially savvy item investigation administration that will get your item market without the requirement for long test projects or standard plant audits.These services are gone for custom-manufactured electrical hardware sent out in single or low-amount volumes, for mechanical procedures in the locale. This is a quick and successful approach to get custom-manufactured, low-amount volumes of hardware named, and offers an elective course to congruity for qualifying items contrasted with conventional confirmation plans, whereby long test projects and customary industrial facility reviews are required. 

    TrackQlik#1 GPS based Inspection services in Pakistan

    Security prerequisites

    Survey services in Pakistan  will touch base at the site of establishment to assess your gear, and on the off chance that it meets well being necessities, Our software  will assess the hardware at the site of establishment or at the assembling area, and on the off chance that it meets security prerequisites they will apply a Special Inspection Label as proof.If Our services find that the hardware does not meet the necessities, Our services will give you an itemized discoveries report and give you the help required tobring the hardware into compliance:Power appropriation hardware,Solar establishments and retrofits, Industrial control/use gear,Factory use/mechanization hardware,Commercial use gear and apparatuses ,Lighting apparatuses (luminaires) and signs 


    Quantity assurance in Pakistan  incorporates development examination for utilization of parts, get together, stamping and constrained nondestructive testing to finish the assessment. It utilizes just full-time qualified designing staff to convey field assessment administrations. Our services direct access to you when specialized help is needed.A field assessment is a procedure whereby items that don’t have a confirmation adequate to the Authority Having Jurisdiction , proprietor or other administrative body can be assessed to the appropriate item well being standard(s) for the particular application and area where the item is being used. The procedure incorporates development assessment for utilization of parts, get together, stamping and constrained nondestructive testing to finish the assessment. 

    Fast work

    Our services are quick, exact work process procedures and quality case the executives are the drivers of progress for specialist organizations and moneylenders looking to recuperate the most elevated conceivable incentive from properties.This services  uses programming with a basic, single-screen structure. The framework makes detailing the property portrayal and status quick, simple and solid. Investigation information is anything but difficult to enter and survey from a solitary screen. A solitary on-screen view makes it simple to discover or alter information for our auditors and our customers. 


    Our services provide you Finished reports, including photographs, can be effectively recovered by moneylenders and administrations suppliers. Following of status for work in advancement is similarly simple, exact and regularly updated. Request Process Management,Date and Picture Gathering from the Field,Date and Document Storage, Retrieval and Reporting,Sync with the Web-Enable Solution to your Laptop, Proficient Map Routing with Microsoft Streets and Trips .These services create includes all specialists and field administrators in the group. Basically, contractual workers ought to designate their own field auditors browsed their group to screen the development procedure.

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