Instant dispatch

Efficiently manage all your dispatch operations with our intuitive & interactive dashboard on both mobile and web applications along with our Delivery Route Planning & Optimization Software.

Easy route optimization

Route optimization helps you to discover efficient routes by taking factors such as traffic, time, and capacity under consideration.

Hawk-eye view

Hawk-eye view allows you to focus on all your major priorities along with searching queries with the help of status, time, and team filter.

Automatic dispatch

Reduce labor cost and service time with our automatic dispatch system to assign the most suitable driver for the right task and at the right time.

Make your drivers life simple, easy, and convenient

The driver app of our last mile delivery solution has an interactive and intuitive UI along with several advanced features that makes their life easy.

TrackQlik's delivery software has an Intuitive, interactive, and simple user interface for both Android and iOS which makes the process of onboarding extremely smooth for new drivers.

GPS-backed Mobile biometrics for field attendance powered with Face, Voice & Video Authentication; Geo-Coded QR Codes & Geo-fencing like features.

With TrackQlik delivery solution, the execution of the completion requirements becomes extremely easy via in-app collections of notes, barcodes, signatures, and photos.

Get real-time data such as customer info and order. Moreover, with real-time tracking, the drivers can avoid areas of high traffic and opt for better & faster routes to achieve high accuracy and precision.


Satisfy your customers

Delight your customers with strong feedback procedure, real-time updates, and integrated customer communication.


Customer communication integration

With our solution, you can enhance the customer communication by allowing them to contact their dispatchers, drivers, and call centers with just a single tap. You may keep calls anonymous for safety.

Track your drivers in real-time

With our real-time delivery tracking system, you can provide your customers with real-time driver locations and ETAs which are presented in an aesthetic and responsive web tracking experience.

Feedback collection

Customer feedback is very crucial and hence we provide you with a feedback form in which all your customers can give reviews about their experience with your service.

Automatic notifications

Keep your customers updated by sending automatic SMS notifications in real-time. Inform them about when the delivery started and when will it be expected to arrive.

Insightful reports & analytics

TrackQlik includes very strong reports & analytics which provides you with pivotal data presented in a graphical form. This data is critical as it helps you to take insight-driven business decisions.

Audit your key metrics

Envisage all the crucial metrics like distance traveled, on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, and more.

Heat maps

It helps you to plan as it tells you what is likely to happen by generating descriptive and predictive analytics.

Advanced reports & analytics

Our reports and analytics provides you with indicators that tell you how bad or good you are performing.

Upgrade your deliveries & Field Service busienss now

Experience the boost in your delivery solution by availing your 14-day free trial.

Integrate with TrackQlik

Our solution TrackQlik is built using Service oriented architecture which makes it easy to integrate with your existing tools. This is makes it extremely easy for anyone to launch a delivery operation. With this you can import excel files or CSV. You can also use Zapier to integrate several third-party apps like Google sheets and shopify without any coding. To achieve complete control, you can integrate it with our developer friendly API.

Additional benefits that you must see

TrackQlik has several benefits that makes it an inevitable part of logistics and supply chain business. Have a look at some of our additional benefits.

Visualize route planning

With our last mile delivery app, you can envision and compare all the planned routes against the actual routes on the map interface to identify the bottlenecks.

ETA calculation

Calculate real-time estimated time of arrival (ETA) with our last mile delivery system along with real-time re-routing and delivery route optimization.

Works well in poor data

TrackQlik delivery software, there isn’t any dependency on the internet. Our system can also work in the areas having low data penetration.


We made mandatory phone call to the customer a standard procedure. Due to which your businesses can get real-time updates on your inventory status.

Manage multiple orders

You can apply your custom delivery planning logic which can create shipments pertaining to the same delivery time slot from the application’s backend console.

Update data automatically

With our solution your agents no longer have to slog through the data. They can simply update all the data automatically by an IVR call.

See how you can optimize your deliveries with TrackQlik. See how you can optimize your deliveries with TrackQlik.
See how you can optimize your deliveries with TrackQlik.

See how you can optimize your deliveries with TrackQlik.

Watch this video if you are still using the old fashioned way of managing your field service operations and mobile workforce productivity.

Build your Delivery Management Services On TrackQlik

Improve Your Delivery Service With Optimized Routes & Real-Time Tracking

Have your pickups & deliveries auto assigned to your nearest & free delivery agents as soon as the order is prepared.

Get the complete on-demand delivery suite. A customer can request services hassle-free through mobile and web apps. Allow your customers to track their service in real-time and make online payments through multiple payment gateways.

Keep your customers updated throughout the order delivery lifecycle by sending them real-time SMS alerts at various stages. Uber-like delivery agent tracking on google maps and allow customers to chat with their assigned agents.

Our Route Optimization engines pick up the most optimized routes enabling you to make multiple deliveries efficiently. Make exceptional on-time deliveries at a lower cost with the best delivery management software TrackQlik.

Delivery agents can be tracked live on an interactive map with their progress updates.

Allow customers to rate their delivery experience and gain service feedback.

Assign tasks, schedule, dispatch, and manage your orders by automating repetitive tasks.


Win your client hearts through Technology

Give your clients the tools to help them order, track and give their feedback about your services and products.

Get instant feedback of your field services from your clients right after task completion. Know your client's sentiments and excel your portfolio.

Know your customer sentiments in a quick, and easy way. Let customer give rating and review of each task to make intelligent decisions for your business.

TrackQlik assures that your field staff win your client heart , get the PIN from client and complete the task. OTP is sent to client automatically upon task creation.

Give your customers technology to track yoru field staff. your clients get a weblink via SMS where your clients can track the live movement of your field staff.

Trackqlik provides complete chat system where client can chat with the agent and get important updates.

Trackqlik provides ETA to your end client so that they can manage their presence to meet your field staff.


Most powerful software for HVAC service contractors & home service business

Everything a field agent needs to work efficiently

Keep track of attendance and leave of each field force. Allow field force to mark attendance on agent app with Facial Authentication and location tracking.

Transfer information on chat system from admin to field force agent or vice-versa. Share documents, image with group of people or a particular person.

Send quotes, invoice to the customer through mobile app. All access and update to field force about payments made by customer in real-time.

Schedule jobs to the nearest agent automatically. Share notes, and other appointment detailing with field force without having to be in office

Allow your field force and customers to review each other in a quick, and easy way. Manage rating of each task to make intelligent decisions for your business.

Track field force agents on map interface in real-time. Keep track of all appointments, staff and customer all at same place.

Your can Geofence any specific task or field job which assures that task does not start until the field agent reaches within the allowed area.


Powerful CRM with Tracking for Marketing & Sales Operations

Manage & Track your field team's visits, Leads, market research and surveys within TrackQlik.

Create territories , Geo Fence territories to specific teams, create schedule team wise, monitor area wise field operations, see sales growth in each territory.

Log all visits and new leads in TrackQlik. Design , Track & Assign your sales teams daily, weekly and monthly field activities .

Transfer information on chat system from admin to field force agent or vice-versa. Share documents, image with group of people or a particular person.

Create and send quotations online and send to client though SMS .

Get a single view of your client. Manage all visits, leads and orders for your client.

Stay updated by field sales and marketing operations with customized alerts.

Get quick feedback from customer after each agent visit. Win your client's hearts through technology.

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