Why retargeting ideas using CRM Software in CapeTown South Africa is important during COVID-19 pandemic?

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    TrackQlik# 1 CRM Software in CapeTown South Africa

    Why retargeting ideas using CRM Software in CapeTown South Africa is important during COVID-19 pandemic?

    A lot has been made about the potential value of data. Retargeting is a concrete example of data that actually serves a business and drives value.

    Let’s take a deeper look.

    The idea is simple: use customer data from your Tracking Software in CapeTown South Africa to target prospects online. This allows you to coordinate Facebook and Google ads with your email campaigns. The result yields a staggering boost for your campaign reach. This boost is achieved by using the information your team has already obtained to show specific ads to specific people. You can target them in a way that Facebook or Google wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

    Here are some ways you can put CRM retargeting into action.

    • Use Segmentation Data for Retargeting

    With marketing automation like you find in Agile Delivery Software in CapeTown South Africawhich you can use tags to automate contact segmentation—you can easily create a wealth of segmentation data. Use that data to show different ads to different contacts. Base your choices around how they filled out forms or surveys. Consider their buyer personas and customer status as well. Take advantage of the information your teams collect as a prospect makes their way through the sales funnel, and modify your ad campaigns accordingly. It goes without saying that a small business owner will react differently to a particular ad than an entrepreneur or a marketer. Being specific through the use of your CRM Software in CapeTown South Africasegmentation data will improve the performance of your ad campaigns.

    • Use the Funnel Stage for Retargeting

    Using Agile CRM’s marketing automation software, you should have an understanding of your customer’s journey and where they are in the funnel. Develop ads to target customers at their various stages with the goal of moving them on to the next phase. For example, if you have a lead in a free trial stage, you might send them an email touting the benefits of an upgrade, the full version or a paid subscription—and also show them ads designed for their place in the funnel. Someone who sees both an email and an ad is more likely to convert. The data for all of this can be pulled from your CRM Software in CapeTown South Africa.

    • Retarget Cold Leads

    Though a lead might be cold, that doesn’t mean their data is useless. Don’t let valuable contacts get left behind. Retarget them with advertising and see if you can reignite their interest in your brand. If someone has used up their free trial period and hasn’t made a purchase (this would be another “custom audience” you can set up using information stored in Agile CRM), advertise to them on Facebook. Similarly, if a lead has stopped opening your emails, you can still show them ads on Facebook without burning through your email list. Reaching out over social media allows you to connect with a contact without flooding their inbox.

    • Create Awareness Through Retargeting

    One problem with traditional advertising is that it can be boring, too generic or fall flat with an audience. Instead, consider creating targeted ads whose purpose is to warm people up to your brand before your sales team ever makes a phone call. With Agile CRM Software in CapeTown South Africa web analytics, you can track visitors to your company’s web site. Based on the analytics, you can show one kind of ad for first-timers and a different one for returning guests. For first-time visitors, show them an ad detailing positive customer testimonials. For returning visitors, greet them with a new ad and link them to a blog post with fresh content. Once they’ve clicked through, they can be tagged in your CRM so that sales staff can give them a call. Rather than being annoying, that call feels more like the next step in developing a relationship with the lead. Retargeting can be instrumental for leading a prospect through the customer journey.

    • Re-engage with Retargeting

    Every sales and marketing team has seen their fair share of dead ends. Dead ends are unfortunate, but they happen. Maybe a user has canceled his membership, and he isn’t opening emails. Maybe he isn’t even visiting your website anymore. If this prospect can’t be reached through an email campaign, and they truly are a dead end, then this makes them perfect for retargeting. Instead of only sending emails—which might not be opened anyway—engage them on Facebook with a new ad campaign. Point out the most recent news. Give them new stories and new reports. Illustrate how your brand has grown or changed since their last visit. You should also consider offering them discounts or coupons for coming back on board. It is important to note that a re-engagement campaign isn’t one-and-done. The ads will be shown repeatedly to a custom audience based on the information in your CRM Software in CapeTown South Africa. Keep in mind also that your ad’s relevance score on Facebook is an important metric. The more relevant your ad is to an audience, the less you pay. Even if those you’ve retargeted don’t click the ad, it still helps build awareness. CRM retargeting is an important development in our increasingly data-driven marketing world. It utilizes data in a bigger, better, more effective way by taking advantage of the information your team and your CRM Software in CapeTown South Africa has already collected. It’s a brilliant merging of efforts that can net you huge gains in terms of reach. So give CRM retargeting a try—and let us know how you put it to use

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