What Will Be The Obstacles For Food Delivery Startups And How To Sort It Out With Delivery Software In Pakistan During The Coronavirus Crisis?

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    TrackQlik#1 Delivery Software in Pakistan added the benefit of joining a restaurant. The online food ordering and delivery industry are popular and vibrant. The market is booming for traders and investors to make unimaginable profits. Needless to say, by 2020 this food delivery economy will grow at a CAGR of 16%. That’s why investors are betting so much and aspiring business people are reluctant to start these startups.

    That said, the food ordering and delivery app industry is full of challenges. While the demand for Delivery Software in Pakistan will always be there, the food delivery industry could be in turmoil if the challenges are not addressed.

    TrackQlik#1 Delivery Software in Pakistan

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    What are the challenges faced by food delivery startups?

    Wafer-thin profit margins

    When they have their own fleet of vehicles at the beginning of food delivery, they need to charge 10 to 20 percent of the cost of the food in addition to the additional charges to cover the operating cost. It will deduct the excessive charge on food prices and the High Commission’s share in case of low sales. Therefore, they reduce the charges as much as possible. This has the slightest effect of destabilizing the business.

    It can be largely eliminated without having a fleet. Instead, interested individuals who need to earn extra money can join the vehicle as well as Tracking Software in Pakistan. For each delivery, they are paid a fee.

    Invalid delivery system

    Insufficient delivery is always a problem in companies delivering the last mail. Beyond a point, achieving high performance is practically impossible. What would you do if a delivery agent was hit in traffic that was slow? Such situations are inevitable, but some advanced methods can be used to improve delivery efficiency.

    When a restaurant receives an order, the assignment to Delivery Software in Pakistan can be further adjusted. Sometimes delivery people away from the ordered restaurant takes longer to reach the said restaurant. The second solution is to set up delivery agents in some places where they can quickly reach more than one restaurant.

    Supply of substandard food

    It is common in the GPS Tracking in Pakistan to provide poor quality food. Bad food packages, food splashes, spoiled packages are also happening. The problem is with both the delivery agents and the restaurant.

    Delivery Software in Pakistan should be properly trained to handle food packages. Adequate food bags must be provided.

    Give the restaurant some standards for packing food. The package should be such that tampering is not possible. Restaurant and delivery agents can be fined for food damage. For the quality of the food, the restaurant should be allowed to update the ingredients used, the cooking methods in real-time.

    Not enough to handle large orders

    In addition to on-demand business services, there are many orders for food delivery. Therefore, the excellent services offered by them do not want to stop after ordering food. Should continue until delivery.

    Getting Started 

    When they start small, they focus on having a great app with an in-depth user interface and performance. This takes them to the next level, where they face massive orders. Here both the restaurant and the delivery man were not able to handle the sudden arrival of orders. Delivery Software in Pakistan increases the delivery time and compromises on food quality, packaging, etc.

    Supply in remote areas

    People in remote areas also have great access to smartphones and the Internet. They also use food apps to deliver food to their doorstep. Will use Arrange for food delivery or partner with outsiders.

    What can TrackQlik do for you?

    TrackQlik is a food ordering and delivery script used by many businesses. We primarily partner with bootstrapping businesses to provide high-quality scalable solutions. Our admin panel is loaded with sophisticated data analytics tools for viewing valuable data.

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