TrackQlik#1 Tracking Software in Moscow St. Russia can be hardwired to the vehicle. This allows you to remotely monitor and even control vehicle operations such as locking and unlocking doors, disabling a vehicle’s starter, starting or stopping ignition, and monitoring downtime. You can also set parameters to activate alerts. For example, if you establish a virtual fence or speed limit and your parameters are disregarded, you will then receive a notification.

TrackQlik#1 Tracking Software in Moscow St. Russia

What Are The Most Effective Ways For Your Business To Use Tracking Software In Moscow St. Russia During The Crisis Of Covid-19?
What Are The Most Effective Ways For Your Business To Use Tracking Software In Moscow St. Russia During The Crisis Of Covid-19?

How can I effectively use Tracking Software in Moscow St. Russia for my business?

If you are in the delivery business or if you use two or more vehicles for your business, you need to help improve the efficiency and safety of your vehicles as well as maximize your assets. Will be. A GPS Tracking Software in Moscow St. Russia can do this.

Enhance vehicle route planning

Using a Tracking Software in Moscow St. Russia will give you better route options for your drivers. This will reduce your driver’s time spent on the road, resulting in faster delivery and lower fuel costs.

Improve dispatching method

With Tracking Software in Moscow St. Russia, you’ll be able to adjust customer orders and requests for late by finding the nearest available vehicle in your client’s area.

Improve driver productivity

Various studies show that when field employees find out that their performance is being tracked, including their driving behavior, they are most likely to follow the rules. , So their productivity improves.

Keep employees safe

An easy and effective way to keep your workforce safe is through Driver Tracking Software in Moscow St. Russia. An app or tracker with an SOS button can send an alarm message to the administrator, alerting them to an emergency.

Secured assets

You are alerted when Tracking software removes your vehicle from your position without your permission, ensuring speedy recovery in case of theft.

Track employee performance and working time

You will also be able to monitor the productivity of your employees. Which of them is effective and which is not. The tracking system can record unauthorized use of company assets as proof of the number and duration of each timetable. 

Set up areas of coverage

If you run a business that deals with fieldwork, you can easily set up coverage areas for different teams and workers. Use only your GPS map, divide your city, place each area in Geofence, and assign teams and workers to each one. 

Coordinate with your workforce

Tracking Software in Moscow St. Russia guarantees easy integration into your workforce. All your employees can be visible on the map and knowing where each of them is, you can create delivery routes or use their location to arrange better service. For example, if you own a plumbing business, track your workers, and maximize their performance by sending appointments near their location.

Assign clients/tasks to specific employees

With Tracking software, you can identify specific tasks or clients that are appropriate for your employees. For example, if you own a taxi company and see that when one of your employees is assigned to a particular part of the city, he or she rents the maximum if you are in that particular part of the city. Assign specific drivers while helping them earn more. Increase your profits too

Manage your fleet

GPS trackers are not only used to improve routes but can also be used to handle your entire fleet. See which employee is in motion or which driver is waiting at the base for their next assignment. With Delivery Tracking Software in Moscow St. Russia, you can check all routes, check departure and arrival times, and assign new shipments through its communication capabilities to improve your fleet delivery.

Set up customized shift hours

Some employees are more efficient in the morning, others at night. To maximize efficiency, you can suggest to specific employees that they work in shifts to achieve the highest levels of productivity.

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