What are the key features of Delivery Tracking Software in Fortaleza-Ceará Brazil during COVID-19 pandemic?

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    TrackQlik# 1 Delivery Tracking Software in Fortaleza-Ceara Brazil  is very important for employers who want better productivity and engagement in their workplace. Let’s wait for a moment and think about what the general team looks like. Says, there are ten people working together on the same project, but at the same time, each of them has a unique role and is in charge of covering a particular part of the project. This sounds like simple modern team dynamics, but it seems that coordinating all the team members is not easy. Add a pinch to flexible working hours and (regularly or occasionally) telecoms and the situation gets even more complicated.

    TrackQlik# 1 Delivery Tracking Software in Fortaleza-Ceará Brazil


    What are the key features of Delivery Tracking Software in Fortaleza-Ceará Brazil during COVID-19 pandemic?
    What are the key features of Delivery Tracking Software in Fortaleza-Ceará Brazil during COVID-19 pandemic?

    Delivery Tracking Services in Fortaleza-Ceara Brazil is a flexible software which can efficiently streamline the shipping and delivery operations that strengthen the overall performance of your business. This last-mile delivery tracking software can manage task allocation, delivery sequence, routing, fleet tracking, live tracking of agents and boosts customer interaction. This application also allows the drivers to know the fuel consumption, odometer readings,  and any other additional expenses induced during a trip to know about the comprehensive view of delivery efficiency.

    Automatic Dispatch

    Automatic dispatch service assists in assigning tasks easily to the agents. The task will be assigned to the agents based on their availability, priority and distance. By using Delivery Tracking App in Fortaleza-Ceara Brazil admin need not schedule which task is to be assigned to which agent. Without prior planning, the work can be done automatically. In case this task is to be done manually, it takes a lot of time for the admin.

    Live tracking of agents

    Customers can view on a live map about the real-time information of the agents. This helps them to schedule their day perfectly in case of any delay in the agent’s arrival. In the case of traffic issues and other unexpected problems, customers will get to know the exact location of the agent. This real-time tracking helps in maintaining a good relationship with the customers.

    Updated notifications and ETA

    In present-day Delivery Tracking Software in Fortaleza-Ceara Brazil, the admin wants to provide customers with updated information at every step and wants to deliver an expected and compatible customer experience by providing dynamic alerts and proper notifications on delays and ETAs. Customers can about the delivery of their product through SMS/Email.

    Online Chat

    Communication plays a crucial role between the customer and the admin while providing an amazing last-mile delivery experience. In modern days, the delivery management software is having an in-built online chat platform which can respond to the queries of the customers properly without human intervention.

    Last-mile optimization

    The customer expectations are going high and the demand for the same-day delivery is increasing, the need for last-mile operations is skyrocketing in the present scenario. Delivery Tracking Software in Fortaleza-Ceara Brazil helps to automate route planning and also provides optimized routes in real-time and reduces the overall delivery turnaround time. The agents will be suggested the shortest route resulting in the maximum number of deliveries.

    Analytics Management

    By using Delivery Tracking Software in Fortaleza-Ceara Brazil, the admin will get clear updates about the business like the usage of resources, performance of agents, delivery status, etc. Field service management software helps the admin to maintain data automatically as no longer the manual work is needed to be done by the admin.

    Feedback and delivery proof

    After the product delivery, electronic delivery proof along with the e-signature of the customer will be given to the agent. This helps the admin to know whether the agent delivered the product to the right customer. Customers can also give feedback about product delivery, agents, etc. Admin can go through the feedback which helps in making necessary improvements to the business and strengthen relationships with the customers. Customers provide much information about your service and getting feedback from the customers always helps to boost your business.


    By using Delivery Tracking Software in Fortaleza-Ceara Brazil you can minimize the cost, time and effort. It also helps in increasing overall performance, a number of deliveries and ROI. This is a flexible software which helps in on-time and scheduled delivery of products. The analytics management will help the admin to make insight-driven business decisions.

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