Manage Your Drivers Performance With Efficient Analysis Of Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia

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    TrackQlik #1 Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia Drivers are a significant resource of any firm. In this way, it’s critical to keep watch on their proficiency and to get the driver’s presentation investigation for a gainful business. 

    TrackQlik #1 Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia

    Manage Your Drivers Performance With efficient Analysis Of Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia

    Manage Your Drivers Performance With efficient Analysis Of Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia

    Driver execution investigations are a significant factor for every single armada administrator. As your armada effectiveness relies upon armada execution and driving conduct. Truly, you heard it right driving conduct or driver execution greatly affects armada proficiency. 

    Mishaps and armada harms happen because of brutal driving, quickening, unexpected cornering, long lingering, distracted on street, driving drunk, and that’s just the beginning. These issues lessen armada life and increment fuel utilization of Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia which at last influences your business. As this prompts undesirable armada expenses as well as upsets your month to month armada spending plan. Along these lines, you may need to confront immense misfortunes. 

    As indicated by the insights of the USA, the fuel utilization of armada will increment by 15% because of terrible driving conduct. It additionally asserts that 87% of truck mishaps are because of drivers and from which 23% are expected to over speeding. In addition, One hour of armada lingering is practically equivalent to traveling for 25 miles and restarting the armada devours less fuel than 30 seconds of armada sitting. 

    The USA isn’t the main nation Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia confronting this issue. Indeed, even our nations have run over these issues. To conquer this, armada the board frameworks are attempting to make driving conduct arrangements. 

    Driver conduct observing is basic as the driver has full oversight over the armada and checking his work will assist you with making strides for improving your armada execution. 

    Today, we will see all the driving conduct arrangements accessible in TrackQlik and how it will improve the proficiency of your armada 

    What is a Driver Performance Analysis? 

    Driver execution examination is a driver observing arrangement given by TrackQlik. It is a finished examination of the driving conduct of the driver of numerous armadas. This permits setting boundaries for your driver and simultaneously assists with understanding the infringement on schedule. 

    It incorporates: 

    • Driver Rating 
    • Driver Violation 
    • Driver Work hour 
    • Driver Rating 

    Driver rating subtleties dashboard 

    The driver rating is valuable to set boundaries and punishment focuses for every driver as per armada type. This implies if a driver is driving a vehicle, there will be various boundaries and in the truck, he should follow various boundaries. You will have the option to boundaries for speeding, cruel driving and sitting. 

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    Speeding empowers you to screen if the driver is crossing as far as possible and know the length of over-speeding. This Tracking System in Saudi Arabia utilized to deduct punishment focused in a manner. 

    Here, unforgiving driving incorporates cruel increasing speed, brutal slowing down, cruel cornering, brutal quickening in cornering and unforgiving slowing down in cornering. You will have the option to set an alternate punishment for every one of them. 

    As examined before, lingering for long term can expend more fuel in this way, driver rating empowers to set punishment as indicated by sitting length. 

    All these information are gathered by the armada action and a report is made to get a precise driver rating. This report likewise assists with keeping check of the complete number of speeding, sitting and driving infringement. 

    Driver Violation 

    Driver trip infringement dashboard 

    Driving infringement is a lot of cautions and a report that assists with understanding the driver’s exhibition. This additionally assists with making a move on schedule or caution the driver. 

    The feature of infringement alert is that you will have the option to set boundaries that will assist you with understanding infringement in a superior manner. The infringement alarms accessible are: 

    • Brutal Acceleration 
    • Slowing down 
    • Safety belt 
    • Overspend 
    • Night Drive 
    • Approved Breaks 
    • Exceed 

    We should take a model on the off chance that your driver isn’t wearing a safety belt, at that point you will be cautioned and this will be added to the report. In this way, you will have the option to caution the driver on the off chance that he keeps on disregarding. 

    The infringement report assists with knowing all the infringement by the driver during a specific excursion alongside term and armada speed. Subsequently, you will get all the necessary information in regards to the outing with an infringement in a similar report. 

    In addition, Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia will get a summed up diagram for seeing all the infringement according to classes. This assists with understanding which infringements are accomplished more by the drivers. 


    Driver execution examination assists with improving armada productivity as well as assists with guaranteeing driver wellbeing. In this manner, help your armada and driver to furnish you with a gainful future with Trakzee.

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