Key Features of Field Service Software in Saudi Arabia

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    Trackqlik#1 Field Service Software in Saudi Arabia Fieldpoint’s field service management software helps you enhance productivity, generate revenue, and manage your field service crew more efficiently. For firms with a high call traffic, Fieldpoint’s field service software solution focuses on the management of work orders, contracts, subcontractors, components, and the scheduling of mobile resources. We provide a service management platform that gives enterprises the tools they need to streamline their business processes – anything from real-time mobility across all major devices to routing and workflow automation.

    Trackqlik#1 field service software in Saudi Arabia

    Key Features of Field Service Software in Saudi Arabia

    Key Features of Field Service Software in Saudi Arabia

    Fieldpoint’s Field Service Management Software’s Key Features

    Management of Work Orders:

    Your field crew can manage, monitor, and automate any customer service requests using Fieldpoint’s Work Order Management Software. Meet your operational goals, speed up your cash flow, and develop new business prospects to satisfy your customers with ERP integration.

    Dispatching and scheduling:

    Fieldpoint’s field service software in Saudi Arabia includes a smart scheduling and dispatch tool with a drag-and-drop calendar console that allows you to swiftly route calls to your field techs based on availability, severity codes, talents, and region. You may send alerts to your technicians using the mobile field service app, and they can accept them immediately in the field. Fieldpoint’s extensive field service scheduling capabilities make dispatching straightforward and efficient, whether your scheduling process is manual, interactive, or fully automated.

    App for Field Service on Mobile:

    Our mobile field service software in Saudi Arabia provides field technicians with a feature-rich toolbox that allows them to perform practically anything they need from their mobile devices, including identifying replacement parts, raising invoices for new works, and offering customer quotations on the spot. With strong, native mobile apps for Android and iOS, you can automate your field service processes. Your field workers can swiftly accept jobs, utilize GPS to discover nearby parts & obtain instructions, buy parts, register labour & expenses, take images, notes & payments, fill-out checklists, and capture signatures using our configurable, secure mobility platform. It doesn’t matter whether you’re online or offline.

    Contract Administration:

    Fieldpoint’s field service contract management module allows our customers to keep track of customer connections, manage SLAs, and schedule servicing while retaining their service contracts efficiently and lucratively. Long-term service income and profitability are driven by service contracts and maintenance agreements. Sell contracts and keep providing excellent service to ensure that they are renewed for recurring revenue.

    Management of Subcontractors:

    Fieldpoint provides native-to-your-organization subcontractor software that enables managers to manage and monitor third-party supplier operations. We can also integrate with any existing workforce management solutions that your company uses. Manage quotes, work orders, and pricing agreements, as well as optimize subcontractor attribution and work order dispatching. 

    Management of Quotations:

    The built-in quoting mechanism in Fieldpoint makes providing quotations to customers and converting them to work orders a breeze. Instead of filing a new work order, your technician can quote for additional work on-site and apply it to an existing one. You can upload parts and job assignments to the site, apply specific customer pricing and taxes automatically, and email quotes to customers.

    Job Costing & Projects:

    Fieldpoint is a project management and job costing solution that interacts with your CRM system for firms who sell/install complicated projects and provide recurring professional services and repairs. Traditional enterprise solutions offer separate project and service modules that don’t communicate with one another. Service teams who perform break-fix work one day and project instals the next require software that can schedule, handle inventory, and invoice both processes simultaneously.

    Reporting / Business Intelligence:

    Fieldpoint’s field service software in Saudi Arabia gives you access to business intelligence dashboards that help you exploit data by providing analytical reports based on any combination of KPIs that are specific to your company. Managers can monitor how departments, technicians, and service teams are functioning thanks to user-friendly reports.

    Our business intelligence module will help you keep your customers satisfied by finding fresh opportunities and flagging challenges before they become problems.


    Fieldpoint’s field service management software provides the same web-based field service and project management functions regardless of how it is deployed. Depending on the licencing type that best suits your organization, you can deploy in a hosted or on-premise environment. A subscription-based or perpetual licence model can be used.

    Internet of Things (IoT):

    The availability of Internet of Things (IoT) equipment is critical for maximizing service delivery. Sensors will be installed in every piece of field equipment and appliance to track abnormalities, errors, and maintenance, and they will all be connected to an IoT platform.

    Checklists for Smartphones:

    With an easy-to-follow to-do list, Fieldpoint’s checklist function, which is available on the mobile field service app, optimises workflow for inspections and maintenance programmes.

    Routing of Resources:

    Fieldpoint Resource Routing Application is a dynamic dispatching tool that helps dispatchers make better scheduling decisions.

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