How Tracking Software in Paris France Reduces Fuel Fraud And Fuel Cost During The Crisis Of COVID-19?

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    TrackQlik # 1 Tracking Software in Paris France fuel cards are convenient because employees can buy fuel with company money. However, more importantly for John, he occasionally uses his company card to buy fuel for his personal car. In other words, John is committing a rather common offense called fuel card fraud. Fuel slippage. Firstly, fuel theft leads to higher fuel costs. Businesses might employee.  Altogether, fuel theft losses add up. Accounting resources. Secondly, fuel card fraud has hidden accounting costs. A lot of businesses try fighting against fuel card fraud by auditing fuel purchases. However, in order to audit purchases, businesses spend time and money.

    TrackQlik # 1 Tracking Software in Paris France

    How Tracking Software in Paris France Reduces Fuel Fraud And Fuel Cost During The Crisis Of COVID-19?

    How Tracking Software in Paris France Reduces Fuel Fraud And Fuel Cost During The Crisis Of COVID-19?

    Now, however, with the establishment of a Tracking Software in Paris France, countless fleet managers are able to better coordinate their drivers, as well as share vehicle managers, are able to better coordinate their drivers as well as share vehicle information to their customers. Well-informed representatives now have access to a wide range of details, including shareable online maps and data. 

    In the large cities, Chicago and New York, accumulations of snow are just part of the winter season, but every storm brings with it a flood of phone calls from concerned residents wondering when their streets will be plowed. These calls from citizens take up valuable time, and the agencies that manage snow plow fleets have learned that there’s a faster and better way to provide answers to their customer base. By using the Delivery Software in Paris France already installed in their snow removal vehicles, both cities have been able to provide a more detailed and honest information to their callers. Fleet managers and customer service representatives can now log on to a computer software and pull up the position of every snow plow operating in the neighborhood, enabling them to offer the customer accurate information about when a plow can be reasonably expected in their area.

    Fuel Card Fraud Costs Big Money

    That being mentioned, businesses lose tons of money because of people like John. In particular, there are two big costs.

    Using Fuel Card Integration to Reduce Fraud

    With Tracking Software in Paris France, many businesses are avoiding fuel card fraud by automating fuel purchase auditing. One of those companies is Entergy, a publicly listed energy company. Fuel card integration combines purchasing data with vehicle forensic evidence such as vehicle location and fuel engine levels.

    Fuel card integration eliminates fuel card fraud by flagging suspicious transactions. For instance, consider the following 3 measures.

    Location & Log

    Location and log measure a company vehicle’s location and driving hours. Fuel card integration triggers an alert if there is a fuel card purchase but the company vehicle is not in the area.

    This is an extremely useful alert because it targets the most common fuel card fraud where drivers fuel a personal car instead of a company car.

    Fuel Level

    Fuel level corresponds to changes in a company vehicle’s fuel tank during fuel purchases. There is an alert if an employee uses a fuel card but their company vehicle’s fuel level doesn’t change. Fuel level alerts provide an additional protection layer because it detects thieves who use fuel cards on an empty jerry can.


    Lastly, fuel cards look at match measures. In other words, fuel card integration checks if fuel goes into the correct vehicle. This is useful for cutting down on company policy violations where employees use fuel cards for a coworker’s vehicle. Fuel card integration is only one of several fuel card best practices. Click here to read an article on other best practices.

    Plug-In Fleet Tracking Device

    GPS Tracking in Paris France plugs into the OBD port of your vehicle, providing live tracking when the vehicle is running. You can set up notifications for speeding, receive detailed trip reports, and use tracking data to help optimize a driver’s route. 

    This Tracking Software in Paris France is most commonly used for small business applications. Because no wiring is required, this device can also be easily swapped between vehicles as Tracking Software is needed, or several devices can be purchased to monitor a small fleet of professional vehicles. 

    Wired Fleet Tracking Device with OBD Plug-In Connector or Wiring Harness

    The Wired Fleet Tracking Device with OBD Plug-In Connector or Wiring Harness is a Tracking Software device that is wired directly into the vehicle’s power source, so you can track the vehicle as long as it’s running. The device also comes with a 12-hour backup battery, allowing you to track the vehicle even when it’s not running, especially in the event that it is stolen or loaded onto a tow truck. 

    A wired Tracking Software in Paris France device is one of the most popular options for fleet tracking as it can be connected to the vehicle covertly, even without the driver’s knowledge. With this device, a manager can monitor the vehicle’s speed, route efficiency, idle times, and more, making it possible to ensure complete efficiency with your company vehicles. An internal antenna provides more location accuracy. 

    This device is the number one choice for large-scale, long-term fleet management.

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