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TrackQlik#1 Delivery Software in Pakistan helps to monitor the delivery staff. Choosing the appropriate customization logic plays a key role in improving delivery and setting delivery time. Delivery Management software provides a variety of forms of autonomous logic for automation and to improve delivery and reduce delivery time.

TrackQlik#1 Delivery Software in Pakistan

How to Reduce Delivery Time and Maximise Output with Delivery Software in Pakistan?
How to Reduce Delivery Time and Maximise Output with Delivery Software in Pakistan?

Delivery Software in Pakistan offers 5 different algorithms allocated for the task:

  • One-on-one: Sends the task request notification to the nearest agent to the task location. If the agent does not accept the task at the expiration of the request, the task request is sent to the nearest agent. If an agent does not accept the task, it remains unsigned.
  • Send to: Sends the task request notification to the agent available in the task time slot.
  • Batch Calculation: Sends task reference information to the agent in batches and is assigned to anyone who accepts before batch.
  • Round Rubin: Equitable distribution of work where service providers are considered employees in the team and are assigned tasks by force allocation.
  • Nearby available: Another means of forcibly allocating based on distance and availability.
  • Of all these allocated systems, batch calculation is one of the most sought after and used means of allocating work. The most commonly known case is Uber.

What is a batch calculation?

In Tuchan, the batch calculation system is an integrated system where task allocation is done by making batches based on distance and time. In the admin dashboard, the administrator can select the batch calculation logic as an allocation task and specify similar terms.

For example, if that batch radius is set to 3 km, the system will create a batch for the radius of 3 km and the job notification will go to the agents available in that radius. In this case, no agent accepts work within this batch, the system will increase the batch through a specific increment radius.

We say the incremental radius is fixed at 1 km, the crawler adds an extra radius of 1 km to the last 3 km, which works the second batch. This continues until the maximum radius is taken into account. If no agent accepts work by the last batch, the system will retry, then restart from the first batch. Admins can also set the number of repetitions for this.

Where did the problem come from?

It was seen again and again by advertisers in the Vehicle Fleet Tracking in Pakistan business, that most agents started working as task holders – that is, they would accept tasks despite the shortage of time. This delayed delivery and thus led to a steady decline in operational efficiency.

A fully understandable system: Beachways elimination in Delivery Software in Pakistan

We have made three major reforms to the system, which have solved this problem and significantly improved the delivery times for all our large clients with multiple agents. Specify maximum tasks per agent first: An administrator can set a cap on how many tasks an agent can perform in a day. This significantly increases agent performance.

Other important contract resolution – Notification Delay Per Task: This feature allows the administrator to specify the delay with most tasks with an agent in the same batch that has little or no non-working agent. Notification. Basically, the system performs little or no work with less priority than agents.

Third, the maximum delay time: Additionally, to prevent wasting time, you also allow us to add a maximum delay time. For example, consider the situation as above.

However, the maximum delay time is set to 20 seconds. In a given situation, the system will preferably post a maximum delay and send the notification 20 to 30 seconds later.

One of the biggest benefits of working with you is that it is a fully GPS Tracking In Pakistan that can be customized to suit business needs that varies depending on the driver’s supply and delivery demand.

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