How To Continue Your Food Business During Covid-19 With The Help Of Delivery Software In Los-Angeles California?

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    TrackQlik #1 Delivery Software in Los-Angeles California helps to monitor the delivery staff. As more cities and countries follow social distance measures in an effort to reduce the Coronavirus outbreak, local businesses will feel the effects. Until further notice, governments around the world are ordering restaurants, bars, and other food businesses to close shop. So, how can the food industry try to keep its head above water during these difficult times, and how can consumers help support their local food and hospitality business?

    TrackQlik #1 Delivery Software in Los-Angeles California

    How To Continue Your Food Business During Covid-19 With The Help Of Delivery Software In Los-Angeles California?

    How To Continue Your Food Business During Covid-19 With The Help Of Delivery Software In Los-Angeles California?

    Offers and/or takeaways

    There is still a way to serve our customers – delivery or takeaway – two options that most support, if not all local governments in countries and regions are not in lockdown.

    To offer delivery, you can easily sign up with a third-party platform such as Uber Eats, Delivery Software in Los-Angeles California Juste, Glovo, etc. and their ready-made infrastructure, resources, a network of riders. And so can we. Most of these delivery services have already implemented a “contactless delivery” policy, which means couriers place food or delivery bags at the customer’s doorstep, so they can collect it without any human interaction.

    How to get started with Uber Eats

    • Go to and click on “Add your restaurant” in the footer section
    • Fill out the form with your restaurant information: name, address, number of locations, meal-type, …
    • Wait until the Oberties contact you to confirm your partnership
    • You receive an UberEats platform starter kit that includes online ordering software, an Obert’s delivery bag, and a hint bullet.
    • You get an onboard session to guide you through the software and the platform (a free photo shot is included for your menu).
    • UberEats provides all order, delivery and payment logistics
    • Your restaurant listing is live and you may start ordering on UberSites


    The Coronavirus epidemic can be a scary time for individuals, especially business owners and employees. During this Coronavirus everyone is requested to stay at home by their Government. Due to Covid-19 there are several things you need to order online. We provide you the best tracking & delivery software to track your order. We’ve compiled the list of COVID-19 resources to help you stay up-to-date with TrackQlik delivery and Tracking software in response to relevant legislation and updates.

    How to get started with Delivery Software In Los-Angeles California

    • Go to and click on “Partner with us” in the header section
    • Fill out the form with your restaurant information: name, address, number of locations, meal type.
    • Once you’ve set up your menu, Delivery Software in Los-Angeles California will send you a tablet with online ordering software.
    • You get an on-ship session to show you how to use the Delivery Dashboard and track your performance.
    • Delivery supplies all orders, delivery, and payment logistics
    • Your restaurant list goes live and you can start receiving orders on Delivery

    If you are worried you will be buried in an online order, without having enough experience with online ordering, you can automate the online order flow using the Delivery Software in Los-Angeles California. This solution pushes your delivery orders to your point of sale system, so you can easily manage your online sales channels.

    Another great alternative to the takeaway offer – just make sure you pay close attention to hygiene and distance so that your customers and staff feel safe:

    • Offer contact less payment transactions if possible, and clear your payment terminal after each transaction if contact less payment is not supported.
    • Avoid touching door handles and other surfaces.
    • Establish a disinfection/hand washing station for customers and staff.
    • Show the minimum distance between users queued on the floor.
    • Wear disposable gloves – when handling cash payments – which you should try to avoid as much as possible.

    If you can, try integrating an “ordering” module into your website, an online ordering section. It allows customers to order online – and usually pay – before they eat at the store. If you have your own Delivery System in Los-Angeles California , you can also offer delivery with this module.

    Sell ​​more of your food and/or stock

    Food Buffets can also be used to add or sell stock on your website. Many restaurants may not have had time to sell all their destructive goods before closing. Presenting it to your customers at a reasonable price can help you prevent wasted food and make some money at the same time.

    Sell ​​gift cards and offer vouchers

    Another way to get the support of your loyal customer base is to buy gift cards that they can use in the future. You can sell gift cards online and (e) send them to the customer, including thank you notes or personal messages.

    Managing canceled reservations can also be difficult. At this time it is unclear how the situation will develop and when, and some customers do not want to reschedule at all (for example, tourists may have to cancel their trip altogether). Therefore, you can try to offer vouchers whenever possible, asking users to redeem these vouchers in the future.

    Think creatively

    The home kitchen says you can only sell food or drinks. One creative way to do more business would be to sell recipes, ingredients and/or trade goods online. Your message can be like “Make your home ** a little piece of home”, giving your customers a special recipe for your signature dish, sides, sauce or cocktail. You can even supply ingredients or branded merchandise used in combination.

    Ask your customers to share their incentives online

    The power of social media should not be underestimated, especially at such times. People all over the world are trying to raise money, raise awareness and support local businesses. So, if you offer delivery or take-off, start selling gift vouchers or offer other concessions, share more of your stories, posts, and messages with your online followers. Ask to do This will significantly increase your supply.

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    Now keep in mind, not every business is suitable for Management Software. If you are not sure whether you should use software, do in-house processing, or play other features in some other way? Or What can our best Delivery and Tracking Software do for your company? To see how TrackQlik’s Delivery and Tracking Software can smooth your Tracking processing, request a demonstration now on .

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