How has Delivery Software in Kingston Jamaica proved taken business to a new level during Coronavirus Attack?

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    TrackQlik# 1 Delivery Software in Kingston Jamaica controls the delivery business and overall delivery operations are accelerated and optimized. This results in saving of time, cost and resources, yet increasing the ROI, performance and ensuring customer satisfaction. Improve your overall brand value and incorporate brand awareness among the potential customers by this optimized delivery tracking and management system.

    TrackQlik# 1 Delivery Software in Kingston Jamaica


    How has Delivery Software in Kingston Jamaicaproved taken business to a new level during Coronavirus Attack?
    How has Delivery Software in Kingston Jamaicaproved taken business to a new level during Coronavirus Attack?

    Delivery Services in Kingston Jamaica offers the best last-mile delivery Delivery Software that offers best and effective features for business owners that lead to increased revenue generation, along with ensuring user engagement.

    Problems Or Challenges in the Conventional Delivery system

    • One of the major issues faced by the large production companies is the problem of lost deliveries. Since the deliveries cannot be tracked while they travel across the country, resulting in huge loss faced by the producers.
    • While the orders are being delivered door-to-door, the delivery boy often fails to locate the house of the customers, resulting in failed or delayed delivery.
    • While the delivery boys go out for delivery, the manager or business owner remain clueless about their location and lack clarity.
    • Details of tasks that are pending, delayed or successfully completed cannot be tracked by the business owners.
    • The overall performance, ROI and customer satisfaction are negatively affected with the convenient method of milk delivery.
    • The business owners do not get to know how each of the delivery agents are performing, since the delivery time and efficiency is not tracked.
    • Review of the customers and their feedback are not obtained.


    Delivery Software in Kingston Jamaica offers the ultimate solution to the milk delivery industry

    Business owners or managers can assign delivery tasks to all deliverymen at a time and track them in real time. This application is not only useful for managers or business owners but helpful for everyone involved in the entire Business  industry like customers and Delivery boys.

    Help to Business owners (managers)

    • Using this Online delivery tracking software, Delivery Tracking Software in Kingston Jamaica managers can track each delivery boy in real time.
    • Owners can count the number of successful, unsuccessful, failed and pending deliveries as all records are automatically kept by the software.
    • Business owners get to know the time spent by each delivery man in every location, thus monitoring the movement of each agent.
    • The performance of each of the delivery agents can be seen from the records of failed and on time deliveries made.
    • While business owners can concentrate on expanding their customer base, leaving the delivery and management in good hands like Delivery Software in Kingston Jamaica.

    Help to Delivery Boys

    • The task list assigned to each delivery man helps them to keep track of all their tasks and schedule them according to priority and delivery preferences.
    • Using Delivery Software in Kingston Jamaica, delivery boys can track the exact location of customers, since the driver’s app uses GPS and route optimization to suggest the best routes to offer maximum on time deliveries.
    • Unexpected delays made by the delivery boys can be tracked by the admin and hence can be enquired later. Thus with the constant monitoring, delay and failed delivery are reduced.
    • The delivery man needs to collect electronic proof of delivery from the customers, such as their signature or photo of delivered products such that the discrepancy between the customers and delivery man regarding delivery can be mitigated.

    Help to the Customers

    • Using this Delivery Management software, Delivery Software in Kingston Jamaica, customers can track delivery man and get an estimated arrival time, to plan their day accordingly.
    • After the delivery is done successfully, the customers can digitally sign as a proof of delivery, thus eliminating the chances of the order being delivered to someone else.
    • Clarity in communication among the delivery boys and admin is facilitated.


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