How Does The Mobile Attendance Software In Pakistan Manage Needs for Tech Workers During The Crisis Of COVID-19?

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    TrackQlik #1 Mobile Attendance Software In Pakistan Across the tech industry, from well-funded start-ups to blue-chip firms, niche companies to some of the world’s most popular brands, nearly everyone is hungry for talent. Most small- to mid-size tech companies know how difficult it is to compete with larger, enterprise-level firms for talent. And that’s why many of them have changed the way they operate, including how they define the workplace.

    TrackQlik #1 Mobile Attendance Software In Pakistan

    How Does The Mobile Attendance Software In Pakistan Manage Needs for Tech Workers During The Crisis Of COVID-19?

    How Does The Mobile Attendance Software In Pakistan Manage Needs for Tech Workers During The Crisis Of COVID-19?

    Attendance System For Remote Workers

    In a competitive hiring environment, working remotely is a perk that many new hires and existing employees enjoy. And with technology that allows constant connection, access to multiple accounts at once, and the ability to work from anywhere, many workers want more flexibility when it comes to how, when, and where they actually work. When a company embraces mobile technology and cloud-based Tracking Software in Pakistan—as many tech firms do—they are more prepared to access, utilize, and get the most out of their talented employees, no matter where their employees are located.

    Personal Devices

    In addition, many tech environments encourage employees to bring their own devices for work purposes. For an employee, TrackQlik Mobile Biometric in Pakistan provides greater familiarity and flexibility. Rather than having to learn a new device or operating system, they can sync up their personal device with work-related data and projects, and jump right in. But while saying yes to telecommuting and a Mobile Attendance Software In Pakistan culture can help companies win over new talent, businesses still need the right systems to manage the way workers track their time across projects. Even in the tech industry, where plenty of professionals ease and simplicity still matter. In fact, with so many applications open and calling for your attention on an hourly basis, there’s no need to complicate matters with a tool that comes with a stiff learning curve.

    Here are a few of the ways that TrackQlik can help keep things simple for your company:

    • Employees can punch in/out, track breaks and log PTO with almost no effort. When they look at their time cards, they can see their workweek, and choose time worked and payment allocations based on specific tasks and projects.
    • Team members can clock in and out, track breaks, and log PTO from multiple devices: a dedicated time clock, a central kiosk or POS system, remotely, or via dial-in.
    • Managers can check schedules, and view things like vacation and PTO accruals via computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
    • In addition, whether a tech employee is working down the hall, in another quad, or even in another country, Mobile Attendance Software In Pakistan alerts managers when an employee is late, absent, or has forgotten to log their time.
    • And then there’s compliance to consider. If your company’s workforce includes hourly or non-exempt employees, the Fair Labor Standards Act mandates that a company keep up to three years of time cards on hand. TrackQlik stores this information and makes it easy to generate accurate reports quickly if necessary.
    • If you have a remote workforce, geofencing allows managers to authorize time punching from specific offsite locations.

    Right Time & Attendance System

    The way that your company breaks down job and project costs affects everything from payroll, to billing clients, to preparing your next RFP. And when it’s time to build a job costing strategy, how your Mobile Attendance Software In Pakistan is one of the first things to look at. 

    Is Your Time & Attendance Solution Bad at Job Costing?

    How do you know your time & attendance method isn’t helping you with accurate job costing? Ask a few questions:

    • Are your invoices missing billable hours?
    • Do some employees or managers scramble to complete timesheets at the end of each week or pay period?
    • Are there leaks in project budgets that you can’t identify?
    • Is management having a hard time figuring out which projects are most lucrative, and which might be hogging resources?
    • As a Mobile Attendance Software In Pakistan, TrackQlik goes beyond just tracking workers’ hours across projects. Our cloud-based HR System in Pakistan presents you with data you can use to bid on and build future projects, and stay ahead of hidden costs.

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