How Does GPS Tracking In Pakistan Provide The Best Rental Fleet Solutions To Its Customers During The Crisis of COVID-19?

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    TrackQlik #1GPS Tracking in Pakistan is a requirement for any business trip or fun travel, the rental fleet is the best option. Buying a new vehicle can affect your budget. Moreover, owning a sedan or hatchback car when you travel with more than 5 people can cause inconvenience. Many of us will agree that GPS Tracking has been their first choice during traveling across the city or state. Nowadays, the market for the rental fleet has been rising day by day. With the increment of the rental fleet, managing them becomes a difficult task.

    TrackQlik #1GPS Tracking in Pakistan

    How Does GPS Tracking In Pakistan Provide The Best Rental Fleet Solutions To Its Customers During The Crisis of COVID-19?

    How Does GPS Tracking In Pakistan Provide The Best Rental Fleet Solutions To Its Customers During The Crisis of COVID-19?

    Main challenges faced by these industries are:

    • Complex Booking 
    • Invoice management
    • Fleet Safety

    So, to help these companies, we present Tracking Software In Pakistan for your help.

    What is GPS Tracking?

    Delivery Software in Pakistan is a simplified and effective solution of the rental fleet company as it provides solutions for rent management and fleet tracking for easy business processing.

    The GPS Tracking In Pakistan helps you by keeping track of rental time, and according to this, it maintains accurate bills of the customer. Moreover, it also provides solutions like invoice generation, departure/arrival monitoring, and reports for easy fleet renting.

    This solution is created for on-the-spot fleet renting companies. For user convenience, it is available on the web and mobile apps as well.

    Highlights of GPS Tracking:

    GPS Tracking in Pakistan Allows tracking fleet on the single screen. Moreover, it allows the following multiple fleets at the same time on the map. This enables us to know the current location of your fleet.

    Vehicle Tariff 

    GPS Tracking in Pakistan helps the companies to create tariff plans for their fleet. The pricing for the fleet model according to minutes, hours, and days. It also lets you add validity.

    Place Order

    You can easily place the order of the customer on the mobile or web dashboard. It just requires renting and client information for placing the order.

    Invoice Generation

    As soon as the customer completes the trip, you will be able to generate an invoice with the help tariff plan created by you.


    Get reports like rent overview, rent summary, and vehicle utilization for managing business easily.


    As the vehicle goes out of the Geofence, tracking of the vehicle starts.

    • Customer booking can be done from the Web and Mobile App.
    • When the vehicle returns back in the Geofence, an invoice will be sent to the user via email
    • Auto amount calculation of trip with the help of rented time and vehicle model selected
    • Get alerts like entered Geofence, outside Geofence, and exceeding usage time.
    • Multiple branches can be easily managed while managing their operations separately.


    • Manage any number of Fleet performance at any time from anywhere on any device
    • Easy billing and payment calculation
    • Track fleet easily with Tracking Software in Pakistan
    • Easy booking procedure.


    Managing is what everyone requires to run any industry and so does the rental fleet. GPS Tracking in Pakistan is thus the best option as it has all that you require to manage your rental business. Be connected with us to know about upcoming technologies and useful solutions.

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