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TrackQlik#1 Delivery software in Russia has realized the importance of having an online food ordering app in your restaurant. Much has been said about ordering popular on-demand food and providing startups. It was started by Uber as a pilot project, and it soon spread to all parts of the world. There is empirical evidence that when a restaurant lists its services in a third-party food app such as UberEats, Doordash, Foodpanda, etc.

TrackQlik#1 Delivery software in Russia

How Delivery Software in Moscow St. Russia is Suitable for Single Restaurant and Taking Your Business to New Heights During the Crisis of COVID-19?
How Delivery Software in Moscow St. Russia is Suitable for Single Restaurant and Taking Your Business to New Heights During the Crisis of COVID-19?

What are the reasons for keeping a Food Dedicated Food Ordering app for restaurants?

Delivery software in Russia online food ordering solutions

So I hope that by now you have realized the importance of having an online food ordering app in your restaurant. The next step you need to do is build the app solution. You don’t have to worry, we already have a well-built Blood Ready Made app solution like Uber Eats and FoodPanda. What you need is for purchase, modification, and use only. Find a solution Easy?

Our Spot At Food Ordering And Delivery app contains four interfaces.

  • Customer food ordering app
  • Restaurant app
  • Admin Web App
  • Delivery Person App
  • Delivery software in Russia is available on both iOS and Android.

Real-Time Order Update and Tracking – Delivery software in Russia At Offers, to Improve the Customer Experience

  • Real-time order updating and tracking
  • Order confirmation such as real-time updates
  • The food is being prepared
  • Assign delivery person
  • Tracking delivery personnel until the indoor step can be done.

Scheduled Delivery and Recurring Orders – 

There is no need for a customer to order food in advance of their wish. Scheduled Delivery software in Russia allows the app to schedule any future date and avoid the hassle of the last minute. Repeated orders can also be made for a longer period.

Advanced Analytics & Reports – 

To improve overall sales you need daily precise reporting where you can find improvement. Our admin dashboard comes with advanced analytics that give detailed reports.

Online Reservations – 

In addition to online Tracking Software In Russia, your users can also save tables from the app themselves by providing the time and date. At the same time, the consumer can order to provide a list of foods. This allows restaurants to better plan daily operations and manage inventory.

Loyalty Points – 

Frequent visitors are a must for any business and many are working hard for it. You can do this without interruption by providing loyalty points for each tour. This is provided in the admin web panel. 90% of Food App users primarily look for loyalty points. Data analytics in the Dashboard can report to users based on loyalty tips.

Digital Menu Card For Dinner – 

The Next Step In The User Experience Digital Menu Card. It’s not the same as any other food ordering menu in food apps. Our app’s digital menu card gives users a rich experience by viewing a clear picture of the accompanying food item. Consumers are the target consumers who place orders before meals.


Many of our clients who have the same restaurant use our Delivery software in Russia and have received a great response in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. Do you want to experience the same? Then look no further, come directly to us to discuss other managing features of the app, its features, design, user experience, management, payroll, customer engagement, and more.

We are a team of exciting and passionate developers working to add exciting things to our Delivery software in Russia. We can talk to our clients and successful customers to get a glimpse of what we are.

Recently we have modified the app for dedicated cloud kitchens. Even many food startups like Uber Eats and Zomato are now partnering with Geofencing Software in Russia. So think about it and make an informed decision. We look forward to you

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