How Delivery Software in Guatemala provides a solution to Challenges faced by Field Agents, Customers & Managers during Coronavirus Pandemic?

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    TrackQlik# 1 Delivery Software in Guatemala is a flexible software which can efficiently streamline the shipping and delivery operations that strengthen the overall performance of your business. This last-mile delivery Delivery Software can manage task allocation, delivery sequence, routing, fleet tracking, live tracking of agents and boosts customer interaction. This application also allows the drivers to know the fuel consumption, odometer readings,  and any other additional expenses induced during a trip to know about the comprehensive view of delivery efficiency.

    TrackQlik# 1 Delivery Software in Guatemala


    How Delivery Software in Guatemala provides a solution to Challenges faced by Field Agents, Customers & Managers during Coronavirus Pandemic?
    How Delivery Software in Guatemala provides a solution to Challenges faced by Field Agents, Customers & Managers during Coronavirus Pandemic?

    Delivery Services in Guatemala is a system which manages the flow of resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers or any corporation’s requirement. The resources in this system may include equipment, goods, consignment or any deliverable items. Effective management of delivery is not an easy task since it needs precision and coordination. The demand of customers is high and they often expect the same day, and delivery companies have to squeeze in a few urgent deliveries, along with the regular ones.

    Here are some of the key challenges faced by field agents/staffs, managers and customers with conventional logistic deliveries:

    Key challenges for Managers

    Task Assignment

    This is the first challenge faced by the managers while using the conventional manual system. They are overpowered with a huge number of tasks, its assignment, managing the number of tasks needed to be assigned to each field agent and so on. The status of the tasks also remains unknown as the delivery agents remain out of contact while doing various deliveries. In such confusion and lack of effective management, high priority tasks are often neglected, giving rise to customer dissatisfaction.

    Poor visibility of Field Agents

    In the absence of Real-time tracking, managers can track their field agents work status. Information regarding task completion also remains unknown for the managers. The delivery agents often fail to trace down the delivery location and thus spend time unnecessarily. This leads to prolonged delivery time, delayed and failed deliveries. All these issues lead to poor visibility for the delivery boys and field agents.

    Measuring KPI of Logistics management

    In order to optimize logistics delivery operations and monitor the overall performance of the delivery fleet, managers should maintain KPI (Key performance indicators). The indicators such as maintaining history, Time efficiency, resource usage, Fuel efficiency,  and performance of individual agents need to be maintained manually.

    Key challenges for Field Agents

    Lack of task clarity

    Without the use of any smart app or Delivery Tracking Software in Guatemala, field agents cannot receive any task notification, assigned by the managers. Moreover, with manual task assignment, the process of the assignment itself takes much longer time, thus delaying the entire delivery process. Lack of priority setting done by the managers leaves the delivery agents clueless regarding the priority of the tasks.

    Difficulty to get exact Customer location

    Locating the exact customer address, without the assistance of any mobile app or GPS tracker is a pain. It is time-consuming and agents have to travel to the same location multiple times, without the guidance of route optimization. Though field agents depend on maps for exact location, yet it’s not enough for hassle-free delivery.

    Optimized route

    With the lack of Delivery Software in Guatemala, agents do not get to know the best and shortest route to reach the delivery destination, thus traveling at the same places multiple times futilely. This leads to missed, failed or delayed deliveries.

    Key challenges for Customers

    Lack of Real-time Tracking

    The lack of an effective tracking solution, the customers cannot track the location of the delivery boys, thus waiting cluelessly for the courier or consignments to be delivered.

    Communication gap among Agents, Managers, and customers

    Lack of email or SMS notifications sent to customers results in a lack of communication. Since managers do not have any clue regarding the location of the delivery agents, they cannot assist the customers regarding the parcel delivery time. Moreover, this major disconnection in communication often leads to missed or failed deliveries and wastage of time for the customers as well as the delivery agents, which is unacceptable in the fast-paced modern lifestyle.

    Elevate your Logistics Delivery to the next level with Delivery Software in Guatemala

    Delivery Software in Guatemala is a Saas-based company offering ultimate Delivery management software, for various industries like Logistics, On-demand delivery, Manufacturing, Field service, E-commerce, Retail, FMCG, Transportation, helping them to track their field and delivery agents in real-time.

    The essential features of Delivery Software in Guatemala are as follows:

    • Admin can easily assign tasks to Delivery/Field agents through manual or auto-allocation.
    • Real-time tracking option, helps admin and customers to track their Delivery/Field agents in real time.
    • Push notifications on task assignment are sent to agents as soon as tasks are assigned to them.
    • Smart and optimized route options are given by the admin, helping agents to follow the fastest and optimized route for delivery. This feature helps in optimized use for the delivery time, along with a reduction in the use of fuel, with faster deliveries.
    • Automated business reports and analytics helps the Manager/Admin to get an overview of the business and individual agent’s performances in no time.
    • Customers can give feedback with ratings about their experience with the delivery process, offering the scope of improvement to the managers, to improve in their delivery process.

    Hence you can improve your overall Logistics Delivery rate, performance, and ROI in optimized time, cost and effort through an effective Delivery Software in Guatemala.

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