How can tracking software in Saudi Arabia help you manage and analyze your driver’s performance during the crisis of COVID-19?

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    TrackQlik# 1 Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia is important to monitor their performance and get a driver performance analysis for a profitable business. Driver performance analysis is an important factor for all fleet operators. Because your fleet’s performance depends on the fleet’s performance and driving behavior. Yes, you have heard that correct driving behavior or driver performance can have a big impact on fleet performance.

    Severe driving, speeding, sudden cornering, long laps, negligence on the road, drinking alcohol and drive, etc. result in accidents and fleet damage. These issues reduce fleet life and increase fuel consumption, which ultimately affects your business. Because it not only costs the unwanted fleet but also bothers your monthly fleet budget. Therefore, you may incur heavy losses.

    TrackQlik# 1 Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia

    How can tracking software in Saudi Arabia help you manage and analyze your driver's performance during the crisis of COVID-19?

    How can tracking software in Saudi Arabia help you manage and analyze your driver’s performance during the crisis of COVID-19?

    What is a Driver Performance Analysis?

    Driver Performance Analysis is a Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia provided by Truckee. This is a thorough analysis of the driver behavior of multiple fleet drivers. This allows setting the parameters for your driver and also helps you understand the time violation.

    These include:

    • Driver Rating
    • Driver Violation
    • Driver hours

    Driver Rating

    The Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia is useful in determining parameters and penalty points for each driver according to the type of fleet. This means that if a driver is driving a car, it will have different parameters and in the truck, it will have to follow different parameters. You will enable the parameters for fast, hard-driving, and slow behavior.

    With Delivery Software in Saudi Arabia, you can monitor whether the driver is crossing the speed limit and knows the speed limit. Accordingly, the penalty is used to deduct points.

    All data is collected according to the activity of the fleet and a report is prepared for the correct classification of the driver. The report also helps to maintain a count of speeding, slow down, and the total number of driving violations.

    Driver Violation

    There is a set of driving violation alerts and a report that helps understand the driver’s performance. It also helps to take timely action or alert the driver.

    The key to violating warnings is that you can set up parameters that will help you better understand the violations. The available infringement warnings are:

    • Hard speed
    • Braking
    • seat belt
    • on a large scale
    • Night drive
    • Authorized intervals
    • Overstay

    Let’s take an example that if your driver is not wearing a seat belt you will be alerted and included in the report. Therefore, if you continue to violate the driver you will be able to alert him.

    Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia helps to identify all violations caused by the driver during a particular trip and the speed of the fleet. That way, you’ll find all the travel data needed for the violations in one report.

    Additionally, you will find a summary chart to understand all the violations by category. This helps to understand who is being violated by the drivers.


    Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia not only helps improve fleet performance but also ensures driver safety. In this way, help your fleet and driver provide you with a future with a GPS Tracking in Saudi Arabia.

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