Must Have Features of a Good Help Desk Ticket Management Software in Saudi Arabia

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    Trackqlik#1 Ticket Management software in Saudi Arabia A support desk ticketing system currently offers numerous functions, and the progress of these systems has been rapid over the last two decades. Originally designed to replace spreadsheets and aid help desk workers in resolving client difficulties, these systems have since become the backbone of many help desk operations all around the world.

    Trackqlik#1 Ticket Management software in Saudi Arabia

    Must Have Features of a Good Help Desk Ticket Management Software in Saudi Arabia

    Must Have Features of a Good Help Desk Ticket Management Software in Saudi Arabia

    When comparing the various ticketing software on the market today, here are 12 features to look for in a decent help desk system…

    Ticket automation – Regardless of the sector, any help desk ticketing software must include this feature. Automation may do everything from reminding you that you need to respond to a ticket to directing a ticket to a certain person.

    Information on SLA (Service Level Agreement) status – When an employee looks at a ticket for the first time, they try to judge its urgency and prioritize it among other issues. It’s easier to prioritize tickets and avoid SLA violations with direct help desk SLA information right in the ticket management software in Saudi Arabia.

    Ticket tags – These help organize tickets and make it easier to spot popular or prevalent issues. They can also be quite useful immediately within tickets by recommending Knowledge Base articles based on the tags that have been assigned.

    Ticket templates that can be customized — Not all tickets are the same. Select a system that allows you to create multiple templates that can be loaded at will to make responding to tickets even easier. If the ticket has many questions, these templates can be merged as required.

    Individual ticket queues – Even now, a large number of businesses share a single ticket queue. Individual queues allow your staff to better arrange their requests and even look at the queues of their coworkers to determine who needs assistance.

    Ticket status choices that can be customized – Neither life nor ticketing are “open and shut.” Make sure you have a ticket management software in Saudi Arabia that allows you to personalize the status options for your company. When a customer’s status changes, emails can be automatically sent to them.

    Actions on tickets, both public and private — A consumer does not need to witness all ticket dialogues. That isn’t to say they shouldn’t take place internally through IM. Once you’re ready for a public customer response, keep ticket conversations in the system with personal behavior.

    Product and inventory management – For every firm that deals with actual or virtual products, product and inventory management is a lifesaver. It’s simple to track this information for each customer so it appears directly on their ticket page, rather than sifting through additional papers.

    Customer-specific ticketing pages – The more information your personnel have about your customers, the more equipped they will be to resolve their problems. Customized ticket pages can display information such as the customer’s level of satisfaction, the number of open tickets, and much more.

    Related Tickets — In the past, all help desk agents have been inundated by an influx of simple, repeated requests and the time-consuming procedure of responding to each one individually. It’s simple to group these requests into relevant tickets and respond to them all at once to save time.

    Ticket deflection – What if one of your employees notices a customer request that a Knowledge Base article may simply address? Don’t have customers go looking for the link; instead, provide built-in ticket deflection features on ticket pages so they can immediately grab the correct link.

    Customizable ticket submission form – While not immediately within a help desk ticket management software in Saudi Arabia, choosing a system that allows for configurable fields in customer-facing ticket forms is critical for capturing the information you need. This can significantly reduce the number of simple follow-up inquiries and shorten the time it takes to resolve a case.

    In brief, there are a few characteristics that every help desk should have in their ticketing system. There’s no denying that these solutions can save time and money, with everything from complex pre-configured automated algorithms to simple ticket page information grabs.

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