Essential features of Tracking Software in San-Jose California during Coronavirus Attack

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    Bilytica# 1 Tracking Software in San-Jose California has changed the business world altogether and it continues. The world of business has grown rapidly in these few years. Thank you for the cutting edge technology that helps in any way. Internet marketing has won the market best with the use of smartphones and social media and is a leader in all marketing methods.

    Bilytica# 1 Tracking Software in San-Jose California

    Essential features of Tracking Software in San-Jose California during Coronavirus Attack
    Tracking Software in Los-Angeles California are solving supply chain issues during COVID-19

    Before looking for Tracking Services in San-Jose California, it is important to know what this software is capable of offering to your business. It is a software or platform that enables companies to manage their delivery process until the last mile. A seamless delivery management software has a huge potential to boost the delivery process of an industry such as retail, E-commerce, Transportation, Logistics, On-demand and so on.

    Here are some of the important features to look for, while buying the last mile delivery tracking software:

    Automated Dispatching capability

    The software should be able to allocate tasks to various delivery agents based on their availability and delivery location. In the case of auto allocation, the nearest delivery agents or field force agents are sent the task request.Tracking App in San-Jose California should be competent enough to pass on the request to the next nearest agent, in case the task is not accepted within a specified time of a few seconds, as set by the admin.

    Smart and optimized route

    The last mile delivery solution should be able to optimize the delivery by suggesting the best and shortest routes to the agents, such that maximum deliveries could be done in minimum time.

    Adaptive and flexible design

    One of the main features to look for, while buying Tracking Software in San-Jose California is to look for adaptive and flexible designs, to optimize delivery operations and adapt to a variety of industries. The build to suit property of the software will ensure that it can be reused in any industry, for any size of the company, startups to industry giants.

    Real-time traceability

    Last mile solutions should be able to improve the visibility of the overall delivery process, with real-time accurate tracking. All details, such as unwanted delay, failed, delayed or wrong delivery,  while the agents are on duty needs to be tracked and reported using the Tracking Software in San-Jose California. It should be able to live track first to last mile delivery.

    Customer feedback and Reviews

    It is important to offer customer-centric services hence customers should be able to give feedback and reviews about the delivery experience they had. Hence the Tracking Software in San-Jose California should have customer reviews and rating features, offering a scope of improvement for the businesses

    Proof of delivery and e-signature

    The delivery agents should be able to collect e-signature of the customers as proof of successful delivery. Hence the Tracking Software in San-Jose California should offer the provision for e-signature collection.

    Manage the Data and Analytics

    Ensure this last mile delivery solution offers automatic data management and offers analytics such as performance of the agents, the status of deliveries, the ratio of successful to failed deliveries, usage of resources and so on. This offers a bird’s eye view of the business, offering clarity of growth and performance. By using advanced predictive methods the business can become proactive and eliminate delay time and missed or failed deliveries.

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