Energy-efficient Tracking Software In Amsterdam Netherlands | Low Power And Cost Combined With A High Business Value During The Crisis Of Covid-19

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    TrackQlik#1 Tracking Software in Amsterdam Netherlands is responsible for the well-being and safety of your drivers, it is almost impossible to know the driving habits of your employees at your office. Traditionally, the activity and tracking of non-powered assets such as trailers, containers, or manufacturing parts have always been a challenge. Unless independent GPS trackers enter the picture. This new generation of trackers relies on internal batteries for electricity. Using tracking software in Amsterdam Netherlands, you can make them visible in this way, creating a network of assets that are related to each other. Increasingly, companies from various industries are using IoT and autonomous GPS trackers to operate more efficiently, offering better customer experience, and increasing their business value.

    TrackQlik#1 Tracking Software in Amsterdam Netherlands

    Energy-efficient Tracking Software In Amsterdam Netherlands | Low Power And Cost Combined With A High Business Value During The Crisis Of Covid-19

    Energy-efficient Tracking Software In Amsterdam Netherlands | Low Power And Cost Combined With A High Business Value During The Crisis Of Covid-19

    Effectively discuss location and usage

    As mentioned, the introduction of autonomous GPS trackers made it possible to detect non-power assets in an energy-efficient manner. But why is that so? Because these trackers use both GPS and the Internet to track things. Balanced independence, battery size, and precise positioning.

    For example, one of the major differences between a Fitbit for personal use and a Tracking Software in Amsterdam Netherlands for industrial use is that GPS trackers use low power wide area networks for communication. LPWN is a network that connects devices using wireless communication over long distances to the Internet. Messages sent through this network are small numbers. No photos, videos, or wide text. A limited set of bytes, for example, to indicate that your non-powered asset has started running.

    There are many reasons to use industrial tracking software for communication.

    One of the things already mentioned is that it allows you to communicate over long distances. Depending on the Tracking Software in Amsterdam Netherlands, up to forty kilometers in the countryside and up to ten kilometers in the urban zone. The main benefit of this remote communication is that you can use a public network. No need to install the network yourself. Secondly, it is suitable for low power consumption. Transceivers can operate on small batteries. This is very important for non-power assets that need to be tracked for many years without battery replacement. Finally, the protocol has been simplified. This leads to less complexity in hardware design and lower device costs.

    Equipment designed to last many years

    Now that we’ve talked about how Tracking Software in Amsterdam Netherlands can communicate location and usage, let’s look at these devices. GPS trackers have a robust design for industrial use and last for many years in the field.

    Usually, they require zero maintenance. Trackers only need to activate and attach your non-powered asset. As soon as it’s done, the device is ready to start collecting valuable information for your business.

    Offerings for trackers sensors can be used to track a variety of assets, including trailers ranging from reusable containers to manufacturing parts. For each use case, the tracker will be configured differently. If you would like to increase the outdoor Delivery Tracking Software in Amsterdam Netherlands of your non-powered assets, you can also find our use of beacons in the location and in-house use of your non-powered assets.

    If we look at sensor trackers, energy-saving is guaranteed because our trackers communicate over the Internet. In addition, our trackers will combine different geolocation technologies to suit your business needs. The sensor trackers rely on an active detection algorithm to ensure that they will be awake when valuable data is collected.

    Extract valuable insights from asset location and activity

    As discussed, the fact that industrial GPS trackers support low power consumption will result in longer battery life and thus higher. But how can your business benefit from energy-efficient Tracking software in Amsterdam Netherlands by connecting your non-power assets to the Internet of Things?

    Locating your non-power assets means employees no longer have to spend time looking for lost goods. In addition, you have real-time insight into your inventory that enables you to identify waste stocks. In other words, you can improve the allocation of your non-performing assets and start using it as a measure for your business. Insights into where your assets are, how Driver Tracking Software in Amsterdam Netherlands are used, and how they move around will also help you improve the process.

    Being able to accurately track when non-powered assets are in motion can provide you with powerful competitive advantages.

    • Stop wasting time looking for assets
    • Improve inventory management
    • Reduce the amount of waste stock
    • Improve your asset allocation
    • Return stolen assets

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