COVID-19: How does the delivery software in Petersburg Russia help overcome this situation during the crisis of COVID19?

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    TrackQlik#1 Delivery Software in Russia helps to monitor the delivery staff. Coronavirus outbreaks disrupt financial markets and global supply chains In this situation, the logistics industry plays a key role. There is a chance that due to this fear, the logistics industry will be greatly affected worldwide. Delivery of products can be overcome by using flexible delivery tracking and management systems. The impact of the Coronavirus on the world’s logistics and shipping industries

    TrackQlik#1 Delivery Software in Russia

    COVID-19: How does the delivery software in Petersburg Russia help overcome this situation?

    COVID-19: How does the delivery software in Petersburg Russia help overcome this situation?

    According to the research, it is said that once the outbreak ends, it usually takes about 6 months for all businesses to operate normally. In India, as consumer goods fly off the shelves due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, all transactions are now online and all tasks are becoming difficult to streamline. Delivery is delayed and some items are not available. Since this information was provided by Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies and retailers, there is no shortage and they will also speed up the delivery of products to shops. They say sales have grown from 15 to 45%, depending on the category.

    Also, due to the sudden closure of malls, offices, schools, colleges, multiplexes, and restaurants in all state governments, home-work instructions have also led to consumption in homes. As a result, there is a great need for flexible last-mail Delivery Softwarethat can efficiently streamline tasks, send real-time notifications to customers, and deliver products on time.

    Delivery of flexible delivery tracking and management software to control coronavirus pandemic

    In the current situation, flexible Delivery Software in Russia can provide the perfect solution for smoothing tasks. Geofencing Software in Russia is a flexible and sophisticated software that can more easily facilitate delivery and shipping operations, which strengthens the overall performance of your business.

    This last-mile Tracking Software In Russia promotes task allotment, routing, delivery continuity, direct tracking of agents, fleet tracking, and customer interaction. The admin can access the agent’s location from a remote location. Using this application, drivers can learn about fuel costs, odometer readings, and extra travel costs to learn about delivery efficiencies. 

    Effective features of last-day mail delivery tracking software in Russia

    Since all people are now living indoors, there is a need for delivering products to the door in a timely manner. In this situation, an efficient Delivery Software in Russia is the best solution.

    Better way

    Smart route delivery agents will be recommended, resulting in more deliveries in less time.

    Real-time tracking

    Admins and users can track the delivery agent’s real-time location using a GPS tracker.

    Auto send

    Assists the administrator in assigning the right thing to the right agent at the right time, which helps save time and effort.

    SMS / Email Notifications

    Customers will be able to get their product delivered through SMS / Email notifications.

    Fleet tracking

    It helps increase the visibility of the fleet where the administrator can see the agent’s vehicle and gain better control over them.

    Proof of delivery

    After the product is delivered, e-signatures and feedback from customers can be submitted.

    Analytics management

    Admin can manage data automatically which helps to run the business efficiently.


    Due to the coronavirus epidemic, as all offline businesses have closed, it’s time to choose the best and best Delivery Software in Russia with efficient features. TrackQlik is the best delivery tracking and Delivery Software in Russia that can provide the perfect solution for all businesses and smooth out tasks to overcome the sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus.

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