Building Self-Service for Customer Service Software in Saudi Arabia: How to Create a Knowledge Base

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    TrackQlik #1 Customer service software in Saudi Arabia is critical for every organisation aiming for customer support excellence, but it shouldn’t be the only consideration.

    Sometimes the greatest approach is to empower your clients to help themselves by providing them with rapid access to information without the need for personal support.

    Today, we’ll discuss knowledge bases: why you should have one, what makes one excellent, and how to build one.

    TrackQlik #1 Customer service software in Saudi Arabia

    Building Self-Service for Customer Service Software in Saudi Arabia: How to Create a Knowledge Base

    Building Self-Service for Customer Service Software in Saudi Arabia: How to Create a Knowledge Base

    What are the benefits of having a knowledge base?

    A knowledge base is an online library that contains guides, tutorials, and answers to frequently asked questions about a company’s products or services. It’s a self-service platform that’s accessible to both customers and internal personnel. When they run into a problem, some people instantly submit a ticket, call, or email help. However, most people prefer to solve their own problems without involving others.

    If an online knowledge base was available and tailored to their needs, an overwhelming 91 percent of customers stated they would use it. Furthermore, 55 percent of consumers will fall in love with a company if it provides “convenient access to information.”

    A solid knowledge base can also help your customer service software in Saudi Arabia agents be

    More productive by: Shifting simple assistance enquiries to the knowledge base frees up your support team to focus on the more significant issues.

    Making them happier: When employees are allowed to spend more time on meaningful connections, they are happier. (For example, preventing rather than resolving a problem.)

    Keep in mind that knowledge base software isn’t meant to take the position of your support team’s humans. It’s there to help them, while giving your consumers the convenience of getting quick responses to their problems.

    You’ll save time and money by automating high-volume, easy queries, and your customers and employees will be happier and more productive as a result.

    Getting your knowledge base up and running 

    Your knowledge base tool must be capable of more than just existing. It has to be excellent. The first thing to remember is that a knowledge base is documentation at its essence.

    Keep this in mind while you consider your knowledge base. You’re not writing a wordpress blog post or a novel. You’re putting together documentation.

    Your knowledge base, like any other material, should: Be easily available; be organised and easy to traverse; solve common problems; and be up to date.

    Choose the fundamental elements of your knowledge base

    If you’re utilizing a ready-made knowledge base foundation (like Groove’s solution), all of the core parts will most likely be provided. The content is then solely your responsibility.

    The following are three essential components of a knowledge base:

    FAQ section 

    If a customer service software in Saudi Arabia has a simple question about your product or service, the FAQ section is usually the first place they check. Save them time and effort by having one on hand.

    Option to contact help 

    No matter how great your knowledge base is, it won’t always suffice. In these circumstances, make sure you offer a “contact support” button on the article or page itself, so your consumer doesn’t have to go seeking for it once they realise they require specialised assistance.

    Search function 

    You’ll normally see this before the entire list of knowledge base entries, just like Google’s search bar. Some users will browse your knowledge base as if it were a homepage, looking for more information about the product or service. Others, on the other hand, are looking for something extremely specific. Make it easy for them to find it once more.

    Agree on the structure of your knowledge base articles We’ve discussed the importance of structure and language in earlier articles, but there are a few things to remember when it comes to knowledge bases.

    Prioritize scaling the structure of your help content first.

    For example, agree that each of your articles will include the following elements: Problem or topic: Describe the current work or customer issue.

    Step-by-step procedure: Describe the steps involved in accomplishing the task or resolving the problem in detail but in a straightforward manner.

    As a result, what should happen after the customer has finished the steps?

    Articles, questions, or topics that are similar can be found in the related resources section.

    Second, give the customer service or complaint software in Saudi Arabia process and use cases first priority. The majority of your knowledge base articles most likely feature a specific procedure that the user must follow. Make it as easy as possible for yourself.

    Put the most important information at the top of the list. Make it the first thing the user sees, before any actionable steps, if there’s something the user needs to know before they start taking action.

    Make the easiest jobs the first if there is no chronological order or dependencies between them. Completing a simple activity gives the user a sense of achievement, which boosts their confidence as they go to more difficult tasks.

    Distract yourself as much as possible. Structure the instructions such that they stay focused on the tasks at hand and do not disrupt their productivity.


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