Best Gas Delivery Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia For Gas Agencies During COVID-19

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    Trackqlik #1 Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia is a fully integrated gas tank provide monitoring and management option, which can monitor and manage the entire cylinder distribution fleet, such as delivery and supply agents. Designed This gas cylinder functions as logistics monitoring software for supply representatives, assisting to intercept supplies to the last mile.

    Trackqlik #1 Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia

    Best Gas Delivery Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia For Gas Agencies During COVID-19

    Best Gas Delivery Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia For Gas Agencies During COVID-19

    The problems faced by gasoline agencies with no use of GDMS gas cylinders are the basic needs of the people and are vital for their survival. However, with the increasing number of gas link customers, delivery agents face a huge barrier in the supply of gas cylinders over time, leading to the cylinders being marketed illegally at quite high prices. Are Below are a Few of the problems faced by all gasoline cylinder agents without GDMS:

    These issues and Lots of people have only 1 solution – TrackQlik

    TrackQlik, the previous mail delivery Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia, supplies a wide range of advantages by eliminating all the above.

    • It is very tricky to assign work to all delivery agents in exactly the exact same time because the amount is too big.
    • Consumers are unaware of the anticipated delivery time of the gas cylinder.
    • In the title of tens of thousands of agents under one agency, it’s impossible to identify which agents are performing well and which are not.
    • Deficiency of performance tracking
    • Recovering old documents manually takes time and can be cost effective since most of it’s not secure.
    • Lack of suitable route guidance makes it hard for supply agents to reach the specific location of the customer.
    • Failure or delayed delivery generally negatively affects overall performance due to factors such as lack of root correction.

    TrackQlik features

    • Assign a large number of tasks for all delivery agents at the same time in remote locations.
    • Real time monitoring to easily find and monitor all delivery agents.
    • Instant update of missing cylinders and agents that last handled.
    • Option
    • Get electronic evidence of e-signature of the shipping client to decrease the supply of gas cylinders to ampoules. This reduces the swelling of their gas cylinders up to 100% for fraudsters.
    • Total record of payment and return of customer cylinders.
    • Employing Delivery Boy Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia, Trackqlik has reduced the cost and time of gasoline agencies by 88%.
    • Improving smart avenues helps clients reach their destination, increasing the amount of successful and timely deliveries by 73%.
    • Agencies can monitor time wasted by supply agents at a certain location, thus eliminating the possibility of intentional delays. This raises the total operation by 81%.

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    Detect unwanted delays

    Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia offered to field service representatives might take a variable time to complete, based on the kind of job application. For area agents, where the agency takes quite a while, the administrator or supervisor can find the agents and determine if they’re delayed due to customer service or because of unwanted delays due to the negligence of the agents.

    TrackQlik Field service may monitor the distance between representatives and waste of time, better utilization of tools may be regularized, thus saving time and money.

    The Business Extension Platform gives the best platform for company growth, as this simple Delivery Software in Saudi Arabia facilitates labour management, monitoring appointment schedules and reaching clients.

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