12 Features Of Track Qlik Mobile Biometric In Petersburg Russia During the Crisis of COVID-19.

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    TrackQlik#1 Mobile Biometric in Petersburg Russia interacts with time attendance tools to bring data from different geographical locations to a central office. This software allows users to process attendance data as per their needs. Attendance data is generally used for reporting as well as for payroll processing.

    TrackQlik#1 Mobile Biometric in Petersburg Russia

    12 Features Of Track Qlik Mobile Biometric In Petersburg Russia During the Crisis of COVID-19.

    12 Features Of Track Qlik Mobile Biometric During the Crisis of COVID-19.

    Fully automatic communication:

    Mobile Biometric in Petersburg Russia should be able to communicate regularly with attendance systems or access control devices without any manual intervention. These devices can be located in different geographical locations. Yet the conversation should be fully automated.

    Turn off integration with payroll

    Mobile Biometric in Petersburg Russia should be closely integrated with attendance payroll so that there is no need for manual intervention to process payroll with attendance.

    Request to correct attendance from employees

    It may be possible for employees to apply for attendance correction. Once the image is approved by this manager, it is integrated into the Mobile Biometric.


    Employees and managers should be made aware of important events in the system. For example: notify the user when the device is present for 4 hours before the user stops talking. Notify Employee and Manager when an employee reports delays in working.

    Enables decision making

    Enables higher management to make quick decisions based on KPIs. Provides top management with Face Attendance in Petersburg Russia and also drills down details to understand better.

    Annotated attendance data:

    An employee can go in / out several times a day. But, Mobile Biometric in Petersburg Russia should interpret and organize the data in such a way that it makes sense to the users. For example, The employee entering the 30 minutes of shift start time should be marked ‘late’ for 30 minutes.

    Real-time attendance:

    Time Attendance Devices collect data on the go and around employees. Field Attendance in Petersburg Russia should communicate with devices in real-time to collect attendance data from devices.

    Data from different sources

    Attendance data can be accessed from time-attendance or access control devices, HR users can import texts from text or access files, employees can watch employees use the self-service, or import data from another database.

    User-defined attendance types

    It is possible for users to rate attendance according to their needs. For example, the user can specify attendance types such as “training”, “work from home”, “visit client” etc.

    All data in one interface:

    Attendance, departure, overtime data and shift plans should be displayed in a single interface to better understand each employee’s data. Employees can be allocated to different shifts and for this reason, it is important to calculate work hours in/out of the data in relation to shift plans.

    Shift Planner:

    Shift Planner enables you to allocate employees to different shifts every day. An employee’s employment period is calculated on the clock/time and based on the shift assigned to the employee for the day. Employees can also be allocated different day vacations using the Mobile Biometric in Petersburg Russia.

    Attendance Rules Definition:

    Each company has its own rules of attendance. The clock / in / out data should be processed based on these rules. It may be possible to define attendance rules in Mobile Biometric so that the software can process attendance data without manual intervention.

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