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    Connect every part of your Multi Specialty Clinics in one solution

    Complete Healthcare ERP

    Dynamic Forms ( Case Sheets )
    Integrated Back Office
    Track Accurate Inventory
    Billing & Insurance
    Finance & Accounting
    Purchase & Vendors Portal
    CRM & Call Center
    Specialized Lab Module
    Health Analytics
    • Calendar View
    • Graphical Representation
    • Waiting List
    • Appointment SMS
    • Flexible Appointment Status
    • Waiting List
    • Integrated with ERP
    • Linked with the appointment
    • screen
    • Managing Insurance Payments
    • Manage advance Payments
    • Manage existing payments
    • VAT supported
    • Integrated with EMR
    • Manage Insurance Payments
    • Accessible to the doctor’s screen.
    • VAT supported
    • Low Inventory Alerts
    • Centralized Inventory
    • Auto control on selling medicine
    • Inventory/Stock Request
    • Generating Barcodes on Receiving.
    Smart Charts
    • 100s of Build in Templates
    • Treatment Plan
    • Smart Patient Charting
    • Drawing on Diagrams
    • E/M Coding
    • Voice Recognition
    Patient History
    • History by patient visit dates
    • Doctor Notes
    • Ready Notes Templates
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Purchasing
    • Receipt
    • Billing
    • Transactions
    • Vendor Terms
    • Managing Leads
    • Run multiple Campaigns
    • Make multiple segments
    • Communicate via SMS
    • Communicate via Email
    • Online Portal For Doctor
    • Online Portal For Lab
    • Online Tracking with the latest status of the ongoing case.
    • Status changes by scanning the package barcode.
    Patient Portal
    • Secure Online Access
    • Lab Reports Online
    • Monitor Steps & Health
    • Online Appointments
    • HL7 Compliance
    Call Box
    • Register incoming call
    • Register outgoing call
    • Integrated with Appointment module.
    • Create Follow ups
    Statistics and Analytics
    • Health Analytics
    • Population Analytics
    • Machine Learning
    • Drug Reaction Alert
    • Smart Appointments
    • Preventive Care

    From Single Specialty practice to Multi Specialty Clinics

    Access CloudPital from your PC, MAC, Phone or Tablet, inside the clinic, on road or from home.

    Over 50 Integrations to Global Products

    Healthcare ERP on Cloud

    All EMR Features + Inventory, Financial, HR & Payroll, Performance Management, Billing & Insurance, Purchasing, Service Management, Integrated Pharmacy, Integrated Lab & Diagnostics, Revenue Cycle automation, Designed for Specialists, Analytics & Reporting, Flexible Charts, 100% 24/7 Availability, ICD-10 (AM/CM), HIPAA Compliant, HL7 & DICOM Integration, Easy to use Patient Charting

    Hospital Setup

    Ward Management, Material Management, OT/OPD/IPD/ICU Management, Lab ,Radiology & PACS Automation, Emergency Management, Manage your Hospital in Paperless with Cloudpital End to End Hospital Solution.

    Mobile Portals

    Secure Online Access, Lab Reports Online, Messages with Patients, Monitor Steps & Health, Online Appointments, HL7 Compliance, Secure Patient Portal allows Patients to connect from anywhere and retrieve their data.

    Health Analytics (Tableau based & Open Source)

    Health Analytics, Population Analytics, Machine Learning, Drug Reaction Alert, Smart Appointments, Preventive Care, Reduce the Risks for Medication Errors & Increase Patient Safety with Cloudpital Smart Analytics.

    Ready Clinical Setup

    Automatically generate email/text/phone appointment reminders and prescriptions. Promptly resolve issue with one-stop services.

    Customizable Clinical Workflow

    With no additional cost you can enjoy fully customizable registry design, integrate your data sets and medical procedures – notice results in your EMR.

    Integrated Medical Billing

    With automated processing increase your billings, automated fund claims and get paid quicker, with no extra processing.

    Cloudpital ERP For Dental

    All Cloudpital EMR Features + Tooth charting, Dentistry-specific templates, Dental Imaging, Patient Scheduling, Dental billing and insurance, anywhere, anytime access & any device, Patient History, Finance, HR &Payroll, CRM, Dental Lab, Patient Portal, Call Box, Analytics, Sterilization Process, Revenue Cycle automation,  100% 24/7 Availability , ICD-10 (AM/CM), HIPAA Compliant, HL7 & DICOM Integration

    Perio Charting

    Treatment Plan

    BaseLine Chart

    Perio Charting

    Extra Oral Chart

    Soft Tissues

    Interactive Patient Portal 


    Patient Check-In

    Easily check-in your patients using an iPad with our drchrono Patient Check-In App.

    Electronic Medical Records

    Patients can easily view their past appointment summaries, including their entire list of allergies, medications, and lab results.


    Cloudpital Telemedicine features leverage patient doctor encounter over video along with IOTs to bridge the communication for enhanced healthcare provision.

    Secure Messaging

    Patients can easily contact their provider in a HIPAA-compliant fashion.

    Schedule Appointments

    Patients can check their upcoming appointments, schedule new appointments, and fill out forms in advance of their next visit.

    Lab Results

    Lab results are instantly available to patients via secure portal accessible via mobile app as well as web based interface. Patient also get alerts and notifications via mobile app and SMS.

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