What Am I Charged For SMS Messages?

SMS messages charges enitrely depend on the SMS gateways used buy you. If you want to use your own masked SMS with your company branding, you will have to use your preferred SMS provider and their API settings inside TrackQlik.

If I Am An Existing Customer, Can I Shift To The New Pricing Plan?

Yes, existing customers can also shift to the new pricing plan or they can stick to their existing plan if they want. Once they shift to the new pricing plan, they still have the option to shift back to their

Can I Get Customized Subscription Plan?

Yes, We are happy to design a plan that suits your business model the best. Please contact our chat support executive for customized bulk plans.

Can I Choose A Subscription Plan Suiting My Business Model?

Yes, TrackQlik has different subscription plan. You can choose the best-fit from https://www.trackqlik.com/pricing/.

How Does Your Pricing Work?

TrackQlik provides flexible pricing both monthly and annual plans. Annual plans have a duration of twelve months and are paid upfront. we charge per user per month or per user per year. Agent, Manager and admin all are considered as

How Do I Proceed After My 14-Days Free Trial?

When your trial expires, upgrade to any one of our plans from the Billing section of your TrackQlik account.

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